Saturday 17 November 2018

Day Twenty Six -Meals

Breakfast - a delicious and full plateful. 

 Using the last of my beans and two of my remaining eggs for me and two eggs from the fridge for Alan we enjoyed a leisurely cooked breakfast that kept us both full for hours.  (1)

Dinner was a salad sandwich.  

Using a third of a carrot ... grated, a lot of lettuce and some of my red onion.  I 'buttered' the bread with two of my 'free' sachets of mayonnaise to try and eke out my last bit of remaining dairy free spread, and served my sandwich with a glass of orange juice.  (3) 

Tea - my two little vegetable leftovers pies, served with the 20p Gravy.  It was very tasty and very filling.  (1)

Yay - 5 a day sorted.



  1. I thought I recognised that crockery. Looking forward to reading more of your challenge. X

    1. This one is coming to and end soon ... but there will be others 😊

  2. What a delicious day - it all looks absolutely scrummy!

  3. You've inspired me to buy a tin to make little pies in.
    Despite our conversation about whether the looks of the pies matters or not I’m determined to match the appealing appearance of yours!
    I love the idea of dhal pies and fruit tarts!

    1. Gosh, the little dahl pasty I made was delicious. I've never thought to use dahl as a pie filling before, but it was delicious ☺


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