Thursday 1 November 2018

Day Sixteen - Meals

Breakfast - Baked beans on toast, the last of my last tin of beans.  (1)

For lunch I fancied something a bit salady.  So I fished a couple of the apple slices out of my 'trays of apples waiting to be crumbles' in the freezer, chopped up a bit of celery and peeled off a couple of the Iceberg lettuce leaves.

Then I added a squirt of  mayonnaise and stirred the celery and thawing apple pieces together.  The plan had been to wrap the poor man's Waldorf Salad in the lettuce leaves and eat it like a wrap, but because they were so close to the heart of the lettuce there was just no peeling them off as a whole leaf, so I added the pieces to the dish instead.  (1)

It wasn't overly tasty but it was nice and fresh and crunchy.  I don't like the cheap mayonnaise very much ... it's definitely not a keeper!

Mid afternoon I had a glass of orange juice.  (1)

Then my tea was the roasted tomatoes, onion and celery that I posted about earlier.  (1)

5 a day - sorted.



  1. Your roasted veggies with rice sounds good. That's a great idea to track your veggie intake. Some days I do really well (in the summer with fresh produce I easily exceed the 5 a day) but it is more of a challenge in the winter. Do you add any seasonings to the roast veggies?

    1. Yes, I added salt, pepper and some of my mixed herbs.

      It is much easier in Summer isn't it, I love starting each day with a fruity, spinach-y smoothie and that gets at least three of my five a day in me straight away. It's not so good these cold mornings when hot porridge or toast seems to be what I'm craving.

  2. The roasted veggies and rice look delicious.

    1. They really were :-)

      It was 'Deb from Ohio' (who has also commented above) that mentioned stir frying veggies to go with rice yesterday, and I had a think. Although I don't like vegetables stir fried I do like them roasted so I did it that way ... and it worked really well.


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