Friday 2 November 2018

I've Gone Again

Sorry I've had to vanish again.  The Challenge will continue as soon as I get back.

 In the meantime I leave you with a photo of two of my most used items during this last few weeks.  My scales and my spatula.  I've had this green spatula for years and I can honestly say it's the best thing for anyone who wants to make sure that every last little bit of food or juice is scraped out of every pan or bowl.  It must have paid for itself a hundred times over.



  1. Have a good time wherever you are off to.

  2. Miss you, hope you'll be back soon.

  3. I treated myself to some new Salter scales recently. They were more expensive than I would usually buy but had a 15 year guarantee so I thought it would be worth it! Looking forward to your return.


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