Saturday, 10 November 2018

Day Nineteen - Meals

Yesterday was a strange day, everything got a bit pushed by the wayside, but at least  I started with a good breakfast.

Breakfast - Porridge

Soup for lunch.  (2)

After going out to the cinema at an awkward time although I was hungry when I got back I had no inclination to cook, so I used the two Bean Burgers and the little YS bread rolls that were both in the freezer to make myself a quick, but much too filling supper.  (2)

I forgot to take a photo ... so you might recognise this one from before  :-)

4 of my 5 a day.



  1. Even when extremely frugal you have stuff to fall back on. Brilliant.

    1. It's a good job they were there or I might have strayed from the plan :-)


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