Sunday 18 November 2018

Day Twenty Seven - Meals

Breakfast - a green smoothie.

Banana, apple and spinach whizzed in the Nutribullet and served in two glasses as my glasses here aren't big enough and I don't like drinking out of the plastic Nutribullet cup.  (3)

Is it really day twenty seven already?

Even with my two absences this Challenge seems to have gone really quickly, I've still got food left so there's absolutely no chance of me starving ... even if I have to see out my last day on brown rice and porridge  😁

Picture from Google Images

We took the dogs for a lovely walk on The Stone Jetty, the prom and the beach at Morecambe, so of course we did what is compulsory when you're at the seaside and got a chip barmcake.

I love being back home in Lancashire ... where we know what to call our breadrolls!!

After a carb heavy lunch we really didn't need much for our tea, so we each had one of my two remaining little quiche bases.  Using some of my red onion, a good sprinkle of my dairy free cheese in mine and some grated Cheddar in Alan's and two eggs, one from my supplies and one from the egg box that we brought with us from home.

Small but tasty.

After a small tea, we had an equally small pudding, sharing my last remaining Apple Crumble.  Again small, but tasty ... and perfectly formed.  (1)

4 of my 5 a day managed.



  1. It's surprising how a small portion of something delicious is incredibly satisfying.
    Just a shame that a second helping sometimes makes one feel too full.


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