Saturday, 1 December 2018

Day Six - 14 in 7

A different day, a different breakfast ... yay!!

A glass of grapefruit juice, well two actually as I went back for more, wow who would have thought that I could drink straight grapefruit juice ... and not a pulled face in sight. It was lovely.

I took Suky for a long doggy walk across the river and through the fields, on the way back we stopped at Suky's favourite garden centre and coffee shop ... no really it is ... every time we pass there she wants to go in and pulls for the entrance.  I think it's partly that she's in love with Pip the garden centre's free roaming terrier and partly because she knows there's coffee, biscuits and cakes to be had.

So I had a very allowable black filter coffee and Suky got to eat all of the little complimentary shortbread biscuit that comes with all hot drinks instead of her usual little corner.  Pip came over to say hello when he spotted Suky sniffing his bed in the corner by the ceramic planters,  double whammy so now she'll pull even harder next time we pass ☺

An hour later it was time for lunch.
My final green smoothie of this week, using an apple and the last of my bananas and spinach.

But I  had one apple left so I ate it as it was after drinking my smoothie.

I wasn't looking forward to my tea.  Two Quorn fillets and boiled carrots,  but it was surprisingly tasty.   And now because of doing this diet I've discovered that these fillets taste one hundred times better when they are zapped in the microwave for two minutes each.

Who knew ... not me.

Final meal of the day was supper and yet more grapefruit.  

This time I cheated and it came out of a tin.  So much easier and no grapefruit juice in my eye, stinging fingers or loads of mess AND I actually think it works out cheaper as a tin cost me 75p and the grapefruits were 60p each in Tesco.  There is definitely more grapefruit in my bowl than the segments from two fruits.

So this is it, my penultimate day done and dusted.

Not quite as tough as the last couple of days and the best bit is that the end is in sight.



  1. I like grapefruit out of a tin. As you say, sometimes convenience foods can be better than fresh - cheaper, and ready prepared is just what we need occasionally - especially if it saves your eyes! And in the case of tinned grapefruit, it tastes just the same as fresh.

    You've done brilliantly, Sue, you should be proud of yourself. Bet you're looking forward to the end of tomorrow (well, I know you've already done it, but you know what I mean!).

    1. I know what you mean, and although this turned out to be a much more enjoyable day foodwise than I thought it was going to be, knowing the end was in sight was the cherry on the cake ... not that there's been much cake this week 😆😃🙃

  2. Well done! Day 6 safely negotiated.
    I'm sure it must have felt wonderful.
    How has Alan managed or is that off limits? ( Fair enough if it is)
    Are you allowing yourself a break from challenges for a week or so or
    is it straight into another one?

    1. I think I've pretty much mentioned when Alan has gone 'off piste' ... well the occasions he has admitted to me about anyway! I guess he could be living it up back in Wales and I'd know nothing about it, well until the weigh in of course 😉🙃

  3. You're doing really well with these challenges! This must be a brilliant way of detoxing too. We are not following a diet but because of hubby's recent health problems, we have made a lot of changes to our diet such as giving up alcohol, cutting right down on meat, cutting down on fat, and in hubby's case, exercising every day. I didn't have much weight to lose but have lost three quarters of a stone. My husband has lost two and a half stone and looks fantastic! The challenge is to keep this up in the long run. It has made me realise how easy it is to get into bad habits over the years and that the changes were much easier to make than we thought.

    1. It sounds like you are doing amazingly well, especially your hubby, wow what a good weight loss. It's so easy to slip into bad habits and for them to become the norm isn't it.

  4. My Mother used to say....and she had endured Siberia during the war..there is no better sauce for food than hunger....I expect that’s why the Quorn and grapefruit and the other things you at first endured are now beginning to be bearable...and may I say what wonderful self control you have...Teresa

  5. I am so admiring your self control too. Keep going, you are so nearly there now (although I realise as this in hind sight you probably are there now).

    1. I'm quite proud of myself, although that may sound conceited. I thought my self control had run away along with my willpower ... but it would seem they were both just well hidden. 🤣😀🙃

  6. You'll maybe find that sweet foods now taste sickly until your taste buds re-adjust (if you want them, to). My burning question is 'do you feel slimmer?'.

    1. I agree, I may have killed off what was left of my sweet tooth, which would be no bad thing. I don't look any slimmer in the mirror, but I keep accidentally having my belt fastened one hole further in, so something has happened.


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