Thursday 30 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 36 - A Lesson in Procrastination

I've been cleaning out the fridge ... since Monday!!

It needed a good clean, I've obviously wiped it out lots and lots of times in the six years we've had it.  Washed individual shelves in soapy water as and when they've needed it etc, but never the whole fridge ... over the course of three yes THREE days.

I did the door in one fell swoop, well taking a break for lunch while the three removable door shelves dried on top of the Aga ... luckily not melting 😄

I put everything back in the shelves and closed the door.

Monday saw me doing the top shelf.  

Moving everything down to shelves things fitted on, checking dates and sniffing jars as I did.  Even asking Alan to taste the two bottles of cider that were at the back ... he had thrown away the one that had been in the fridge door on Sunday night after valiantly trying to drink it.  

Not all homebrew is good homebrew!!

A quick taste and  'nope, throw them away too'  was the response.  Two years they have been cluttering up my fridge!!

So many !!!!!!s

The inside area was wiped out and the shelf left to completely dry on top of the Aga after a good wash, dry and polish with a clean tea towel.

Then it was put back inside and everything that was good was replaced.

I did the next two shelves in one manic fell swoop on Tuesday.

And then good intentions were gone, and a phone call was the perfect excuse to down tools and give up for the day.

I took a day off on Wednesday, the workload was so great 😉

Will I get the remaining two shelves and two drawers done today?  Who knows, there is lots of time ... and of course the longer I leave it the more we will have eaten and the less there will be on the shelves and in the drawers to have to move around.

This has been  Sue's Lesson in Procrastination During Lockdown.

Sue xx


  1. I have just ordered SR and strong white bread flour from The Cake Decorating Company. Only l6kg bags are available just now but at a reasonable price and free delivery over £40. I bake a lot, especially with everyone at home and make my own bread. I will also share this out among friends and neighbours. The small bags of flour were out of stock but per kg the bigger bags are pretty cheap.

    1. Oops! Just went back to check my order and I've ordered a 25kg bag of bread flour instead of the 16kg bag! Should have used my loaf. Never mind, there are plenty of folk in the village needing bread flour so it will find a good home.

    2. Good for you, it's starting to sound like there will be a new flour delivery service for neighbours from your house :-)

  2. A job well done, however long it took!

    1. I have to admit it's still not finished ... I'm busy eating doughnuts!!

  3. I now refer to this as "pacing myself for the duration".
    And yesterday we were given a reason for our flour shortage - which has seemed so odd since we have fields of wheat as far as the eye can see in this country - apparently the shortage is not with the flour but with the bags that it goes in! Robin Hood flour is the big company here and their flour goes into bright yellow bags - they have now managed to get white material to make more bags so flour should be returning to our shelves soon.

    1. It never seems as bad if you know the reason for something does it 😃

  4. That is how I clean my fridge. I hate that the temperature goes up inside so I figure taking a few days to give it a good cleaning at least keeps my food cold.

    God bless.

    1. Yay ... this is my new excuse. Still not finished 🥴🤣


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