Saturday 4 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day Ten

Yesterday a regular reader called Chrissie left a comment saying how she had made a couple of pasties out of little bits of leftover ingredients ... obviously great minds think alike because while she was doing that ... so was I  😄

In my case the leftover ingredients trawled from the shelves of the fridge were the ready cooked boiled potatoes from a few days ago, an opened pack of salmon trimmings and some wilting spring onions.  They were all chopped and mixed together, and then I added a good dollop of red onion marmalade that has been in the fridge since Christmas.

When I'm filling a couple of pies or pasties I always compress the mixture and then divide it in the bowl to give me the visual of two halves, or however many portions I need.   That way no one gets short-changed and if the pasties had actually been pasty shaped I could have simply lifted these semi circles out to wrap in the pastry.

But as I didn't want to use quite all of the roll of ready rolled pastry they turned out rectangular in the end.

It made for a very filling tea.

As I had had some of the Choppy Salad for my dinner with a bun and was not really that hungry, I gave the rest to Alan sprinkled with some salted peanuts and I just had the last of a cucumber sliced into crunchy discs.

The choppy salad was just about at the end of it's viable life just over a week after I originally made it.  Any longer and perhaps it would have been chicken food ... or soup!!

Sue xx


  1. Mmmm - delicious looking pasties. They do look filling and so appetising. Funny how looking at food can make you feel a bit peckish, isn't it?

  2. Pastry is my weakness. I just love anything inside a pie or pasty. Such a good way to use odds and ends up.

  3. I think all of us who are like minded are cooking a lot at the moment, in order to stretch and make the most of what we have and also to go shopping less. Pasties are on the menue for next week with husband asking for cornish pasties and son asking for fidget pasties. Helen S.


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