Saturday, 18 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 24 - A Week of Lockdown Breakfasts

Last Saturday I did a post about my Lockdown Lunches so I thought this week I would treat you to a Week of My Lockdown Breakfasts.  Gosh I spoil you!!

By now you all must have gathered that I'm a bit of a Weetabix addict, but after eating them most days for the past few weeks, the start of this particular week saw me eat them for the last time ... just for a little bit you understand 😃

The next day saw us both having Yoghurt with banana, grapes and granola with a healthy spoonful of peanut butter on mine.  I love the stuff but Alan hates it.  He finished off with a slice of toast and marmalade, but I was full.

I decided to weigh out my grapefruit the next day to see what an 80g portion looked like.  This is the amount that counts as one of your Five a Day.  As you can see 80g was not enough for me, so I had a bit more.

The next day it was a simple slice of toast loaded up nicely with a rather large helping of peanut butter ... this goes so well with a black coffee.

Now here's a breakfast you wouldn't have been expecting!!

Celery sticks and garlicky hummus.  I was making up a pot of soup with my bag of peelings and trimmings from the freezer and decided to add an onion and some celery to the mix.  But the celery once I'd chopped the ends off looked far too fresh and tasty to be popped into the soup pan so I got the jar of hummus out of the fridge.

You can have a garlicky breakfast when you're in lockdown ... it's a perk 🤣

The next day I finished off the grapefruit. 

First I drank the juice and then got stuck into the fruit slices and then I finished off with a cup of coffee.  Everything seems sweet after grapefruit even plain black coffee!!

The final day of the week saw me polish off the last two of these little beauties.  So tasty, so easy and as muffins go very healthy with all the flax seeds, ground almonds and fruit.

Not a bad little week of breakfasts then, perhaps next week I'll be back on the Weetabix, we'll see.

Sue xx


  1. Lovely breakfasts and, of course, you can have whatever you fancy for breakfast! Definitely!

  2. You do need a change sometimes. I don't like Weetabix but have been eating muesli or fruit & fibre topped with some tinned fruit and a dollop of plain yogurt. The grapefruit looks lovely :)

  3. I don't eat breakfast very often and I didn't eat peanut butter until I was 35. I was force fed it as a child as the school doctor insisted that me and my sister were underweight!!!

  4. I eat odd things for breakfast as well sometimes and right now I'm trying to use up odds & ends of things. This morning it was an avocado that wasn't going to last another day mashed up on a slice of dark rye bread out the freezer and topped with a few slices of tomato.
    A normal breakfast would be either yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit - right now I'm alternating between frozen and tinned - the last couple of days its been tinned pineapple in its own juice - so lovely and sweet.
    One day I had a piece of crisp bread topped with the last spoonful of some tinned salmon that was in the fridge and a hard boiled egg with my morning cup of tea. I often like a savoury breakfast so tuna, cheese or cold meat will often make an appearance. As long is there is a very large mug of strong tea to accompany it I'm happy.

  5. This is weird. I'm reading your blog as I eat my weetabix! I've eaten weetabix since I was a very small child back in the 50's!! I always have it with warm milk. I alternate days with yogurt, granola and fruit mixed together! My only difference from you is I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER eat peanut butter. Just thinking about it makes me gag, ugh!!

  6. Nothing to do with your breakfast but was curious about the hovel books you mentioned .Managed to source and order them cheaply . The cook book arrived today . What a joy ! It reminds me of the farmers weekly cook books "farmhouse fare " that I swear by . Thank you - the book is a real treat .

  7. Peanut butter on toast and black coffee - one of my favorite breakfasts! I can't eat grapefruit anymore due to a medication I take; a painful restriction since I love grapefruit.


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