Friday 1 May 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 999 - Challenging Myself to Give a F*ck

So ... I've still not finished cleaning out the fridge!!

Yesterday in a bid to make the job easier, or so it would seem, I ate and ate and ate ... the Very Hungry Caterpillar had nothing on me.  If it looked tasty and contained no animal products it ended up in my stomach.  

Talk about comfort eating ... no please do, talk about it amongst yourselves while I go and raid the fridge again!!

I love eating the last of anything and being able to recycle or burn the packaging.  This cheese packet helped start last nights fire, (yay one less thing in the fridge on a shelf I haven't done yet) while the cheese and most of the pickles in the jar went in my tummy.  Annoyingly I couldn't fit all the pickles from the jar onto my buns, and believe me I tried!!

So my only Challenge to myself today is to finish the Lockdown Spring Clean of the Fridge ... such a major job needs CAPITALS ... and to try my hardest not to eat all the remaining food that it contains.

Hungry Sue and Her Caterpillar Friend  xx


  1. Oh I am so pleased to find a fellow comfort eater, I don't smoke or drink or the other, but food as you say is just wonderful stuff, I will put most things between two pieces of bread and "butter" especially if its hot eg quorn fishless fingers, dipping fresh crusty bread in soup, favourite thing at the moment is pickled baby cucumber with dill slices and crisp sandwiches weird but yummy to me,I have also been buying those cheap packs of noodles and vamping them up with peanut butter, soy and sweet chilli sauce turns out sort of satay, and chip butties ooohh, my ultimate comfort food.It must be the current situation as I now have a touch of OCD creeping in and have to turn all jars and packaging the right way in the fridge and the food cupboard and have now progressed to the bathroom cabinet, perhaps too much time on my hands, the knicker and sock drawer has had the treatment but nowadays for some strange reason I can't fit as many pairs of knickers in there, could be the chip butties. Happy munching, Chrissie.

  2. Bread and butter, simple food that I adore. I've had a few binges mainly carbs!

    1. After reading these challenges for the last couple of weeks I have changed my eating habits, eaten things I've seen on here but never tried and now following the and reorganizing my entire kitchen!! Thanks to Sue and all of her wonderful ideas and then things on youtube I'm a new woman!!

  3. When I'm suffering from anxiety or stress (like now), it's always carbs I crave. Comfort food I guess.

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one 🥴🤣🙃

  5. We're calling it the Pandemic 15 here as everyone is in the kitchen, cooking, baking and EATING!! I was quite happily following a low carb diet before all this started - now all I want are carbs and chocolate! Oh, and my dad was known to generously butter two slices of bread and put a chocolate bar in the middle! I'm beginning to understand why!

  6. Food seems to be the way we are all coping right now.

    God bless.


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