Thursday, 23 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 29 - Meat and Soya

When we went to Tesco last weekend Alan was like a big kid in a sweetie shop.  After no shopping for ages he went a bit wild in the meat aisle.  Which I hadn't really cottoned onto until I got home and started putting it away into the fridge.  That's what happens when you leave your man in the meat aisle with the trolley!!

The next day I decided it was silly to leave all the meat packaged as it was ,just in the fridge so I chose some of his packs to get out and split into more manageable portion sizes that I could then put into the freezer.

The Chicken Wings were simply tipped into a larger bag so that I could spread them out in a nice single layer, so that they would freeze individually and Alan could pick out just a few to have with a salad or something similar, rather than munching his way through the full pack ... which he would have done if he had found them going out of date in the fridge.

The pork chops were simply individually wrapped in some Easy Leave and then bagged up.  The ham slices were wrapped in portions of four slices each ... but the pork belly pieces went back into the fridge as I think once they cook down it will only be one portion, a large portion perhaps but just one Alan sized portion.

After all that meat handling we just had a couple of these each for our lunch, I simply couldn't have faced anything else.  Although I am finding that I am developing a bit of a Soya intolerance, it's only mild at the moment but I am going to be careful how many products I eat with it in so I can see if things improve.

Sue xx


  1. Easy leave is so useful. I've started washing and reusing the sheets - it works well and less waste.

  2. I have noticed quite a few things that have changed in our home since the lockdown, so much time to think and look around the house to see what I can clean or tidy next. My son is staying with us during this time because of his health problems , being aware that an ambulance may be delayed ( we often need one ) we have oxygen here and a suction pack which isn't available where he lives, I have noticed the toilet roll is not lasting as long and he would drink juice like water so making things last longer is my role in the house. Last night they had sausage ,chips and beans, normally they would have egg and bacon with it but to my mind that's another meal and not needed, husband asked for cheese and ham sandwich for lunch, so meanie me said one or the other and he was quite happy with cheese and pickle so it's ham today, if the apples and bananas are large having half each is fine and instead of having that last bit of mash in the saucepan with the last of the gravy, it can be used to have potato cakes for breakfast and one portion of gravy goes in the freezer.So we are not going without and will probably be more healthy for it, so Mrs squirrel is teaching the men at home to look after their nuts . Chrissie.

  3. Our meat is being limited, I think it is because of meat packing plants having an outbreak of the virus among the workers. All this to say Harvey couldn't go crazy in the meat aisle today.

    God bless.

    1. I wish our meat was limited. I hate seeing so much dead flesh in my fridge and freezer :-(


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