Thursday 2 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day Eight - Food from the Hillside

Rhubarb on the Veggie Patch.

I love it, it's one of those crops you plant once and it comes back year after year, feeding you, making you happy.  All it needs is a very occasional feed and a bit of weeding … when you remember!!

Yesterday I picked all the stalks that were ready, the ones crossing over and inhibiting other stalks that are coming on.

I brought them inside and washed them … after feeding the leaves to the chickens.

Don't panic I know they are poisonous, but chickens use them as a self-wormer if and when they need to, so I always give them the option before the leaves go on the compost heap.

Next the stalks were cut into chunky chunks.

I always think the glisten of water around soaking fruit or vegetables in the sink is worthy of a piece of art … perhaps that's just me then 🤪

I found two apples that were shrivelling nicely, well they've been in the fridge since Christmas … what do I expect of my fruit  🤣🤣

Chopped and added to the rhubarb, they all soon lived together in the pan while they simmered away for 15 minutes with a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar.

Supper last night with a dollop of ice-cream … and four more portions in the fridge for two days more suppers.  

I should maybe have added a bit more sugar … my face was a picture, I don't do tart very well !!

Sue xx


  1. Lovely, I always buy rhubarb at the car boot sales, when people bring along a bit of home grown produce (sadly won't be this year),it's a silly price in the shops just for a few pieces.

  2. I too love rhubarb and will be looking for a crown to plant ready for next year. I still have some in the freezer from my father in laws plot.

  3. I have just learnt about roasting rhubarb and am converted! Put in oven dish, cover and pop in with other cooking for 15mins with a sprinkle of sugar and a touch of ginger. Lovely. Firm and makes less sloppy for crumbles.

    1. I'll try it that way next time, it sounds delicious 😃

  4. Everyone on the UK blogs is talking about their rhubarb and making me very envious - no sign of any here as yet. But I'll be keeping my eyes open in a couple of weeks time (my next venture to the shops combined with a walk) just in case I can find some. I LOVE a rhubarb crumble! Enjoy

  5. we love rhubarb but can't even buy it in the grocery store or farmers' market... even in normal times. So I am jealous!!

  6. Growing up I used to eat rhubarb raw with a bit of sugar to dip the ends in. Loved it then, not so much now and I do like tart.

    God bless.


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