Thursday 9 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day Fifteen - The Last of the Fruit

Four satsumas, a few grapes and four apples.  That's the sum total of our fresh fruit left in the fridge.  We have some tinned fruit, I'm not sure what, but I will be checking.  I'm not a huge fruit eater but I do like to try and have something each day.  I guess I get my five or so a day mostly in the form of vegetables.

After yesterdays post I decided to use up some more of the not-so fresh bits and the peppers from the fridge and make a large trayful of Mediterranean style veggies for our tea.

Once chopped up and drizzled with oil, garlic and chilli flakes it was left to marinade for the day ... and it looked a lot fresher.  It was served with Cous Cous and a salmon fillet for Alan.

While I chopped things up I held back some of the peppers, a bit of celery, the last of the cucumber and a red onion to make a quick tub of Choppy Salad.  It makes sense to have a  good chopping session all at once and have things ready prepared in the fridge.  Well it does to me ... I have to do things when I'm in the mood and not just when they should be done.

Fishing out the salmon fillets for Alans tea I spotted the lemon slices.   I'd totally forgotten that I had put a plate of lemon slices into the freezer last time I was in there, so after all my chopping I bagged these up.

And popped them straight back in, but this time ready to be used in my morning hot water and daytime cold drinks.

There is a surprising amount of room appearing in the kitchen freezer now, it's  time to bring something in from the chest freezer in the workshop I think, better that than going out to the shops.

Sue xx


  1. It's all going really well, isn't it? I have copied your tip about freezing lemon slices - they are very refreshing in boiling water first thing. In a few weeks, the mint will be high enough that I can add some of the too - lemon mint tea! Yum.

  2. I bought some lemons to chop up for the freezer the other day. Then I discovered we already have a tub of lemon slices frozen. I shall be adding them to a glass of hot water from now on. I too tend to eat more veg than fruit but it is changing now as we buy fruit and veg boxes. I aim to meal plan with whatever is in the veg box and the fruit will become dessert.

    1. Getting a fruit and veg box is a brilliant idea, and what a good challenge to make the most out of what you get each week :-)

      I might think about getting a veg box once we move and settle in.

  3. You reminded me that I have some lemons to slice up and freeze. You are doing an excellent job on using items up.

    God bless.


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