Friday 17 April 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 23 - The Pies

It seems everyone loves a good pie, and well to be honest I don't think I've ever met a really bad pie ... at the very least if you don't like the filling you can eat the pastry  😁

To be honest I had doubts my pies with a Pesto Pasta, Spinach and boiled Potato filling would be tasty but I thought hey ho it's food and just got on with it.

I had just enough of my shortcrust pastry left to make six bottoms, so I thought I would break into the new ready rolled pack of Puff Pastry that I bought on our last shopping trip to Tesco for just £1 for the lids.

The pies were lovely and the mix of pastries worked really well as I mentioned in yesterdays post.

The four leftover pies were popped into boxes and put into the fridge.

If you look at the pies carefully you can see that I put slits in a M pattern for the meat ones and a simple slash in the vegan ones so I can tell them apart.

I was going to make something different for tea last night but Alan remembered how tasty his Steak and Veg pie was and asked for the other two pies for his tea.  So not wanting to repeat the meal exactly I decided to serve two pies each but this time with just a side vegetable, and after seeing an idea for a basic white cabbage recipe on Facebook I went with that as an accompaniment.

A quarter of a white cabbage, that's all I had anyway, one halved and then sliced white onion, lots of freshly ground black pepper and a squirt of garlic puree, all mixed up together with a tablespoon of oil.

And then simply popped into the oven for thirty minutes.

It was delicious served once again with Bisto gravy, but very, very filling ... two pies is most definitely too much for me ... what was I thinking!!

My leftovers moving forward from this one is a sheet of Puff Pastry with a few holes in it!!

As usual I have a plan  😃

Sue xx


  1. I've always loved a pie! Such a useful way to use up leftovers

  2. Love individual meat pies! Could you tell me how big these are please, they look as though we’re cooked in a muffin pan.


    1. I'm not really sure what this tin is called or designed for if not pies. Maybe giant Yorkshire Puddings. The 'holes' are about twice the depth and width as those of a muffin pan

    2. Thank you for this information.

      No luck finding Yorkshire pudding pans here in Canada but then I remembered “Texas Muffins” being all the rage years ago. This morning I found and ordered a Texas muffin pan on-line! Hopefully it be here within the next two weeks.

      I’ve just taken a loaf of Bara Brith out of the oven and have a loaf of whole-wheat bread in the bread maker; the kitchen smells lovely.

      Thanks again Sue,

  3. Yummy. I am glad I have supper in the oven right now.

    God bless.


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