Wednesday 30 January 2019

Eat the Stores - The Freezer Challenge - 9

Yesterday I left you with this photo, the latest items out of the freezer.

I had my fingers crossed that it was a Potato and Chickpea Curry, well I was nearly right it was a vegetable curry.  I must remember to label better ... but at least it wasn't dog food!!

Once they had thawed out slowly overnight I set to making pasties.

Just my usual method, nice oblong, easy to make pasties and as I didn't need all of the pastry sheet for the savoury pasties, I decided to cut off the end strip to make three little jam turnovers for a sweet treat.

This is my preferred way of crimping around the edges to try and ensure that the filling stays inside as pasties cook.  I used to get a lot of leakages before I switched to this double folding over style.

I simply brush around the edge of the filling with water and then pull over the pastry top tucking it carefully around the filling and leaving a clear edge of pastry.  Then I repeat the brushing with water on the new edge around the filling and crimp over the outer edges of the pastry.

I cut a couple of slits in each pasty and then leave them to rest, covered, in the fridge for a few hours.

After cooking for half an hour they were ready to eat.

One for tea last night with some of the boiled potatoes ...

... and one pasty and some of the potatoes left to cool before going into the fridge ready for other meals.

Then it was an action replay but in miniature, and with some jam rather than curry as the filling.

Again left to rest for an hour in the fridge.

Three very delicious little jam turnovers, which made an excellent supper.

Taken out of the freezer today ready for use tomorrow are these, and a few boxes and bags of frozen fruit.  I have a plan ... and it's made me lots of space in the freezer   :-)



  1. They look - well, good enough to eat! Really delicious!

    1. They were yummy, tea for two nights plus a sweet treat for supper 😃

  2. Those all look really good!! thanks for explaining how you crimp the edges, very helpful.

  3. Lovely looking pasties both savoury and sweet, I will remember your crimping tip I just can't to grips with the the rolling crimp like they do on Cornish pasties. I've even watched it on youtube and still no joy. At least you was able to use the contents of the box even if it wasn't what you expected. xx

    1. I find it easiest to do it with just my index finger, once you get going it's fine. It's never as neat as I would like it to be but it does the job :-)

      I was just relieved it didn't turn out to be a meaty thing as Alan has been away this week, although the dogs would have eaten it for me I guess ;-)

  4. Dear Sue, so glad to have found your blog. I wanted to thank you so very much as I think you might just have saved my life. Sounds dramatic but I was a vegetarian, not in the best of health and overweight to boot, reading your blog when you became a vegan made me think more and more and I became vegan nearly a year ago.My health has dramatically improved,I have lost weight through healthy eating and I feel 10 years younger and also I no longer contribute to the suffering of the animals which is the best feeling in the world. Bless you - Vera.

    1. Wow ... I'm so pleased things have worked out well for you :-)

      It sounds as though your conscious efforts to eat well have really turned your life around, I'm really impressed, well done. xx


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