Sunday 27 January 2019

Eat the Stores - The Freezer Challenge - 6

Yesterday I spoke about how quickly the contents of the freezer were going down, but this is not always the case.  Of course some of the meals I have eaten during this freezer Challenge have not made a perceptible difference to the look of the freezer shelves at all, even if a part of them did contain something from the freezer. 

A handful of homegrown Blueberries taken from the large tub for instance, it means that the large tub is still there, just with a few less contents.  Although once any of my tubs gets over a third empty thought I do decant the contents to a smaller container or sometimes a freezer bag, as excess air near to any foodstuff  really is the enemy and is what leads to freezer burn on your foods.

To counteract my sometimes woeful and pathetic attempts at freezer emptying, Alan is manfully doing his best to free up space on the shelves.  After chomping his way through the Mandarin Orange Cheesecake all through the past week he is now defrosting the New York style one ready for weekend eating.

Oh the hardship ...  ;-)



  1. Poor Alan, I feel for him ;-)

    It's the same here Sue, I am using things from the freezer, nearly every day, but there's not much difference in space yet. I guess it doesn't help with the space/emptying when I make double of a dinner and put (cram) the other half in the freezer for another day....

  2. My sympathies to Alan. It really is a hard life!
    You'll get there Sue, and just think of the money you aren't spending!

  3. I'm glad that Alan is taking one for the team, it's hard but someone has to do it!! When I went out last night for reduced bread I brought home 500g lean steak mince 5% how could I leave it behind at 50p!!! So it's portioned up and frozen flat in ziplock bags, it will do up a spag bol, cottage pie, chilli and lasagna but not until the freezer has space as they will all produce extra portions once I've bulked it out with grated carrot and lentils. I wonder what's coming out of the freezer next? xx

  4. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices... Poor Alan. i know what it is like, I'm eating mudcake one piece of a time. I'm really making an effort to get some emtpy space to freezers (have two), but then I find ham reduced to 1,99€/kg or my mother brings me 5 bags of buns and ten rye breads. But berries and veggies are slowly getting consumed. Sometimes it's pathetic, like yesterday I used a packet of spinach, 150g... Luckily kids are helping by eating their daily ice cream and smoothies (three handfuls of berries).

  5. I'm so glad to read you use the word 'chomping.' I got told yesterday it was purely a Brummie word and never heard anyone else so now I can point out that's not necessarily true!

    I've just used up two tins puy lentils, two tins tomatoes, two tins mushrooms, 5 tins potatoes from cupboard stash, made three veggie cottage pies which once cooked and cooled will have to be crammed into freezer. Almost hoping for a cross between No Deal Brexit and a zombie apocalypse now so I can't be tempted to buy more stuff! Savannah.

    1. Well I don't know where I've picked it up from if it's supposed to be Brummie!! I've lived in Lancashire, Cumbria, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and now in North Wales but never the Midlands ... and I've chomped on things for years :-)

  6. You do make me laugh, Sue. Not AT you, but along with you. My freezer is an enigma - we eat and eat its contents, gorge ourselves even and still it stubbornly refuses to change its appearance i.e. Stuffed full.

  7. I am glad that Alan is giving you a hand on eating your way through the freezer.

    God bless.

  8. Glad to hear Alan is being so supportive and really throwing himself into the challenge.

  9. Lots of brilliant comments here, thank you folks. Alan is very pleased that you all appreciate his efforts in helping me eat our way through the freezer :-)


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