Tuesday 29 January 2019

Eat the Stores - The Freezer Challenge - 8

What is it with me and 'fishless' things at the moment!!

Taken out of the freezer for last nights tea were the above things, two pork loin chops for Alan and a couple of veggie fish burgers for me ... purely to use them up as I doubt I will be replacing them.  Although they were much better tasting than the 'fishless fingers' they are not brilliant.

As well as the freezer contents going down of course other areas of food storage are getting slightly more minimal too as we eat our way around the stores and still refrain from buying to top things up.

This area of the worktop is a case in point.  This photo was taken at the start of the Challenge ...

... this one when I had the big tidy up.

And this one yesterday.

Much more calming, although the salted peanut jar will be going back when I go shopping at the end of the Challenge and buy Alan a great big bag of his favourite little nibble.  Well with the Six Nations rugby tournament coming up to a man has to have something to soak up all that beer!!

Taken out of the freezer ready for tonight's tea are these two items.

A ys roll of ready to use pastry and a tub of what I am pretty sure is homemade Chickpea and Potato Curry ... I can just feel a couple of pasties appearing as soon as they have defrosted.

To have with them I am going to use the last of the potatoes.

So ... space appearing all around at the moment, and hopefully after today's planned tidy of the kitchen shelves things will start to look even neater.



  1. Pretty much anything tastes good in pastry, doesn't it? We've decided not to buy peanuts anymore, they're just too irresistible.

    1. I do have to try and ration Alan a bit as he's a nut fiend.

      But the other day there were literally a dozen salted nuts in the jar and a small handful of mixed nuts and raisins in the plastic jar, I mixed the two together in a bid to empty both jars and put them in a little dish to pick at while I was working on the computer and WOW ... what a delicious taste. I'll be doing that again for sure 😃

  2. Oh dear another disappointing fishless box at least they've gone and not taking up space in your freezer, Alans loin steaks do look lovely and lean, it's a mystery every day as to what you've taken out. Yes I'm pleased with my low spend figure and I'm going to continue it into next month. I've made sure that I've had plenty of milk and bread at that's the thing that usually takes me to the shops. We've also not put any petrol in the car either this month which is another saving xx

    1. The loin steaks were part of an Asda 3 for £10 deal. I had gotten him a pack of 10 of them, a large packet of bacon and I think the other thing was the Lamb he had the other night. Not a bad deal when you can freeze everything in portion sized packs.

      I couldn't get away with not fueling the cars every week unfortunately, I'd save a fortune if I could. But at least it all goes through the company and not out of my purse 🙂

  3. Very well done. Just wish I was getting as much gone from my freezers as you are.

    God bless.

    1. Don't worry, the longer it takes to empty a freezer the more money you are saving by not shopping. I do like being strong and not putting anything back in. That's the reason it's emptying so well.


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