Thursday 24 January 2019

Eat the Stores - The Freezer Challenge - 3

This is the final set of 'show and tell'  photographs.  This time putting up for posterity on my blog what is hidden away in the two drawers at the bottom of the freezer, right at the start of the freezer part of my Eat the Stores Challenge.

Although it looks as though the bottom drawer is the biggest, this in fact hides some of the freezer 'workings', so it is in fact the smaller of the two drawers.

Anyway lets have a peek inside them both.

Drawer 1

It looks a mess and looks pretty full, and as Sooze (ooh ... lovely new blog from Sooze, nip over and check it out), said in yesterday's comments, freezer drawers can sometimes be difficult to open.  I'm hoping after a good clear out, otherwise known as 'eating the food I have in stock instead of just storing it' I will be able to open and close my drawers without poking things down while I slide them back in.

In the top drawer which is the larger of the two I have all this.

Drawer 2

And in the smaller bottom one ...

...there is this.

I  didn't even know I had this full pack  of individually wrapped M&S salmon fillets in here, I thought I just had the full pack in the door pocket and the odd two fillets on the shelf ... result  :-)

Taken out of the freezer for tonight's tea. 

Steak for Alan, one salmon fillet for me and one to use in another meal, perhaps fishcakes or a couple of pasties ... but whatever it turns into it will not be going back into the freezer!!



  1. Oh, I thought it was just me having trouble with freezer drawers...

    1. It seems there are a few of us ... 😄😄😄

  2. How nice to find that full pack of salmon you didn't know you had! I had to laugh at the Alphabites….didn't know they still made them (you haven't had them lurking for years, have you?! lol). Thanks for the mention :-)

    1. They were bought the other day as part of the Co-op £5 Frozen Meal Deal. I've not tasted them since my boys were small.

  3. My daughter said to me the other week, mum I don't how you can get so much into your freezers I have 2 drawer ones. They're like a tardis........ Lovely find with the salmon xx

    1. I'm always amazed at how much I can squeeze into all of the freezer. Even when I think it's full I still manage to put new shopping away in it 🤣


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