Wednesday 10 June 2020

Living on a Box - The Store-cupboard and Added Extras

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts I had worked out the weights of the foods in the box that would go towards the government healthy eating guidelines and my much wanted Five a Day, and they came in at just four a day.

So I decided to supplement with a few things that, as well as helping me to reach the required limit, would also expand slightly the meal options I had.

I did not want to go mad and just buy another bag of food as this would completely defeat the purpose of trying to live off the contents of the box for two weeks.  So these foods had to be supplementary foods, not meals in themselves ... although those two big potatoes could quite easily be a meal in themselves!

The things I have bought fresh for the Challenge were the Iceberg lettuce, the tomatoes, the cucumber and the bread rolls.  The potatoes were in the bag in the cupboard and would have gone off by the time this Challenge was finished.  I also decided that I would add the small bag of Garden Peas that I found while clearing a shelf for me to use in the freezer and I already had two bananas that Alan wouldn't eat so I thought they would be good as a second type of fruit to supplement the apples.

These are my 'store cupboard' items plus the bananas that I forgot to photograph with the things in the last photo.  Just basic items that I believe most people would have in their cupboards to go with their ordered box.

Salt and pepper
Tomato Ketchup
Herbs and Spices
 Peanut Butter
 not pictured ... Coffee

Finally I sat down and worked out my definitive Five a Day figures.  

I double checked how to calculate this for the dried chickpeas, adding up the total weights of everything shown and then dividing by the 80g needed to make up one portion of your five a day, then adding in the individual items.  

My grand total for the Challenge will average out at - 5.5 of my Five a Day.

So, there is no need for me or anyone else to worry that I am eating unhealthily during the course of this Challenge.  And I will not be messing about working out daily totals as I now know that over the course of the two weeks of the Challenge I will be consuming an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables.

One more thing ... ever since starting to write about this Challenge I have had a constant ear-worm, so here you are you can share it with me  🤣🤣

Sue xx


  1. It all sounds very healthy and 'sensible' and I'm looking forward to seeing your meals.

    1. I'm still struggling to make up the menu to include 14 evening meals, it's not as easy as you would think stretching the contents of the box even with my few healthy additions. I'm just about to make up a batch of pasta sauce with the Passata to see how many portions I can turn it into, that might help a bit.

  2. The planning is very important not only to get your 5 a day but so you don't go hungry towards the end of the challenge! Well done on working it out, I bet it's been a headache.

    1. Haha ... I have a LOT of bits of paper with scribbles on and I still haven't got round to the complete menu plan!!

  3. The other great benefit when you do these menu planning challenges is there’s none of that awful daily “what am I going to have for supper tonight?”

    Am I a bad housewife? Am I the only one who - one day - is going to throw something large, heavy and potentially lethal across the kitchen when I ask “what would you like for supper tonight” to be told “whatever you want dear, I don’t mind”. Aaaarrrghhhh 🤪😳🤪

    1. Having the menu, and the batch items once they are cooked, will most likely keep me sane!!

      Ah ... but I know about your secret list now 😁

    2. Secret list? What secret list? I know not of what you speak 😁 😜 😇 💕

    3. Haha ... my lips are sealed !!

  4. I had a look at the Morrison's boxes online last night and they certainly offer a wonderful variety and by my standards, are good value for the money (based on conversion to Canadian funds). I wish we had the option of something like this here but it's more of the order online (then either pick up or delivery). There is always something you forget or isn't in stock. If I was in the UK I probably would have bought one of the meat boxes and the fish one as freezer stock and then the fruit & veg one every two weeks or so - I thought that had a great variety.

    1. They are a brilliant idea aren't they, and this vegan one suits me down to the ground. 🙂

      I wonder if they will continue with them after lockdown finishes ... if it ever does 🥴


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