Thursday 25 June 2020

Living on a Box - Day Fourteen & End of Challenge Round Up

Breakfast - Green Smoothie

Oh it was nice to have a green smoothie after two weeks of cereal and yoghurty type breakfasts.  I'm so glad there was plenty of spinach left over to take the sweet edge off the frozen banana chunks and the apple.  Having a nice big dollop of peanut butter in it adds a good amount of healthy fats and means that the smoothie keeps you fuller and more satisfied for much longer.

Lunch - Cheese and Salad Sandwiches
with extra cucumber on the side.

The cucumber was right on the edge of not being nice any more, they are so much tastier when there is a crunch to them aren't they.  But it was good that I managed to make it last the whole of the two weeks of the Challenge.

A little peek at what the sandwich looked like inside before I added the lettuce and the top slice of bread 😃

Dinner - Chilli Mince but with Cous Cous and Peas

Yes, you've seen this photo before, on Day One in fact, it's the nearest photo I have to my final meal.  I have a confession to make ... I accidentally deleted the photo of last nights evening meal.  It's the first time I've done this for ages and it had to be on the grand finale meal of my Challenge ... bloody typical 🙁


Week One Menu

Best Meal of the Week - Chickpea and Potato Curry with Cous Cous

Worst Meal of the Week - The Pasta Bake with Sausages - those sausages are AWFUL!!

Week Two Menu

Best Meal of the Week - Shepherds Pie

Worst Meal of the Week - honestly there was not one that was bad!!

And what is left now ...

In the freezer I have a little bag of peelings and a tub of cooked chickpeas.

On the fridge shelf there is a tub of hummus, half a jar of mayo and almost a full tub of dairy free spread.

In the fridge drawer there are two onions, three carrots and about an 1/5 of a lettuce.

Out on the worktop I have some of the Lotus biscuits, the Shredded Jackfruit pouch, one Stock Pot and about a quarter of a jar of Peanut Butter.

How could I use what I have left to make one more days food:

Adding a couple of slices of bread for toast, to go with the peanut butter I would have breakfast. 

For lunch I could use the lettuce, one carrot, grated, half a finely sliced onion and some of the mayo to make some coleslaw. Which I could sprinkle with the chickpeas and serve alongside the hummus and another carrot chopped into batons for dipping.  

And then later for dinner I could make a portion of rice to go with the Shredded Jackfruit.

So in total, with a couple of little extras I have the makings of one more days food and I could make a panful of soup using the trimmings and peelings, the stock pot, the leftover onion and a half, and the carrot.

Nothing wasted and only the sausages thrown away, not a bad fortnights Living on a Box.

And not a bad end to the Challenge.

Sue xx


  1. Well done Sue on completing your change. I knew you could do it and with bits left. That pack of dried chickpeas certainly went a long way.

    1. It really did didn't it, I was seriously impressed. I'll think I'll do this from now on, just make one big batch from a bag of dried chickpeas. The hummus and chickpeas freeze perfectly, so making a month's worth in one go is an option ... and creates so much less washing up :-)

  2. I think you've done amazingly and to have so much left over is fantastic. It shows what can be done with imagination and some cookery skills.

    1. I think that by the time you reach my grand old age you know a few tips and tricks. Only ME can call me old!!

  3. I have enjoyed following along and you have done really well with using everything to it's best.

  4. Another great challenge, I do enjoy your challenges and always learn something. I am surprised how far the dried chickpeas have gone. Maybe when I run down my tins of chickpeas I will try buying some dried ones. I don't know if I could have a smoothie, is it very thick or can you make it thinner to drink? Helen S.

  5. Congratulations! Good job of using the food. Don't blame you for tossing the fake sausages...some of those things are truly horrid.

  6. Really enjoyed following this challenge. I made your hummus yesterday, using dried chickpeas for the first time. I will make this again, yummy and so much more economical than shop bought. I eat hummus almost daily for lunch, swapping for homemade soups in the winter but I get withdrawal symptoms and have hummus for a couple of days a week to get my fix! Also looking forward to making your pasta sauce as well just need to pick up some sweet peppers. Thank you for sharing.

  7. really enjoyed this challenge :)

  8. Great challenge. You sure made the box go a long way, with tasty meals and food to spare!

  9. Bravo. This was another interesting challenge to follow.

  10. Good work. I found it very interesting to follow along.

    God bless.

  11. I think you have done brilliantly, Sue. I'm not a fan of those sausages either!


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