Saturday, 1 August 2020

Yay ... I Have Extra Protein

Thanks to all your wonderful sponsorship I have now reached a new level, that of being able to add 120g of protein to my Ration Challenge pack food.

My food of choice as a non-meat eater will be Peanut Butter.  I need to find an empty jam jar and weigh out 120g of the glorious brown stuff.  It doesn't sound much does it when you think it comes in jars that weigh 454g and I can go through one in a week if I put my mind to it  😊

I got this email first thing this morning just after the donation that took me over the £400 mark pinged onto my fundraising page.

*** *** *** *** ***

Egg-straordinary Job!

Hello Sue,

You’ve raised £400 - enough to provide food for two Syrian refugees for an entire year. Refugees have already been living a nightmare; and now, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many more will face devastating hunger.  I cannot think of a better gift for someone who has been through so much.

On top of that, because you’ve raised £400 you now get to add 120g of protein to your rations. This could be eggs, your choice of meat, or protein alternative. You will appreciate it more than you know when Ration Challenge week comes around.

Share this post on Facebook right now to ask your friends to help you raise £600 to achieve your next reward:

Thank you! You’ve helped me to earn 120g of protein to enjoy. I’m now working towards the next reward - 330ml of a hot or cold drink to enjoy during my week of refugee rations! This might not sound like much, but it will be a luxury for me during Ration Challenge week. Can you help me reach £600 so I can enjoy what might be the best drink of all time? You can support me at

Keep up the great work. 

Best wishes

The Ration Challenge Team

*** *** *** *** ***

Knowing that between us we have already raised enough to feed two Syrian refugees for an entire year is amazing.  And puts a lot of perspective into the amount we spend on food here in the UK each and every week.  I am finding all this very humbling.

And is also available by clicking on the top photo on the sidebar of the blog, under which you will also see a list of all those that have donated up to now.  The only monetary amounts showing are those of the anonymous donations as I thought this is a way for the people that wish to remain anonymous to see that their money has reached the right place.

Thank you to everyone that has offered their support both monetary and in the form of comments and encouragement ... it all helps, it really does. 💖

Thank you.

Sue xx


  1. Well done Sue, it's so lovely to see you have so many sponsors who are cheering you along, I know I am♥ xx


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