Saturday, 15 August 2020

Time to Start my Decaffeination

Giving up coffee for the week of the Ration Challenge is something I'm not altogether looking forward to, it's not so much the lack of hot drinks it's the regular injection of caffeine into my system and I have to admit that is a regular thing from around 10am in the morning until my last coffee of the day at around nine at night.

So I have come up with a plan to help me decaffeinate.

I had a smaller 200g sized Nescafe jar here at the Van, so as I tipped the last of it into the coffee cannister on the worktop I quarter re-filled it with my usual Nescafe from one of the larger 300g jars and then topped this up with the same measurement of decaf coffee.

So now I have a half and half mix, when this goes down to about half of it's volume I will once again top up with the same amount of decaf which should make it a quarter/three quarters mix.  When this is all gone I will use decaf until the start of the Ration Challenge Week.

Hopefully this will stop me getting the caffeine withdrawal headaches that plagued so many of us Ration Challengers last year.  Although you are allowed to take paracetamol I would rather not ... and of course this is a good opportunity to try and curtail my coffee drinking habit just a little bit.

With this in mind I had a re-think about what my rewards drink of choice will be this year now that I have passed the £600 level of donations.

Last year I saved this reward and treated myself to a large Americano at the garden centre when I went with my Mum half way through the Challenge.  If I am being careful to wean myself off caffeine and coffee, to do this again would be a bit silly.  So I have decided that this year I will make myself a 330ml smoothie, it's far better to have a drink of healthy vitamins than a mug of coffee anyway.

Although I have now passed the next level I am no longer really looking at my fundraising as helping to get me added ingredients or treats, instead this year I am really focussing my mind on how many refugees we can feed for an entire year, that's me, my family and friends ... which includes everyone that reads this blog  🙂

Between us ... at the time of writing this ... we are just £10.10 away from being able to feed FIVE people for a WHOLE YEAR, and that is also almost the same as we raised last year.  If you can spare any change my fundraising page is linked to below, and is always accessible by clicking on the Ration Challenge picture the top of the righthand sidebar.

EDITED TO ADD:  Within an hour or so of this post publishing, a donation from a lovely reader brought my fundraising total to over the next level.  Thank you Debbie 💖

Sue xx


  1. You're doing amazingly well. Fantastic.

    That's very wise about the coffee. One of my biggest memories from LGBT the first time I did it was the withdrawal headache and tiredness. Not nice and definitely not helpful either.

    1. Caffeine withdrawal can drain you just when you don't need to be drained can't it. Hence me planning ahead.

  2. That's a jolly good way for anyone to wean themselves off coffee, Sue, and you're going to need all your energy to get through the challenge.

    1. I've done it this way before, it's a good way to avoid me getting too narky, as well as avoiding the awful headaches. Not that I ever get narky 😄🤣

    2. Haha ... you know me SO well !!

  3. Great idea Sue to plan ahead. I have about 6 cups of coffee per day in a china teacup, 1/4 teaspoon of coffee, 1/4 cup of milk and even I have to say it looks pretty disgusting:)

    1. Gosh that sounds weak 😬. I have around 8 a day, heaped spoonfuls and black 😃🤪


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