Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Amazing People, Amazing Food

You have all been absolutely amazing ... yes YOU are the AMAZING PEOPLE.

You and my family and my other friends that don't necessarily read my ramblings on here.  People from my youth, my past, my present and hopefully people that will remain friends for the future, you have all come together and raised an amazing amount of money.

My total currently stands at £1,153.87 ... and I am so thankful.

I will not keep begging for more as it doesn't seem appropriate, but I will try to share My Fundraising Page on here when I blog and it's always accessible for you to nip on over and have a look at the current total at the top of the right-hand sidebar.  There you can also read a sort of mini blog that I update quite sporadically, have a look at the messages that I have been getting along with the donations and you can also have a peek at the team page - Vegan Squad if you go HERE.

If you would like to donate it would of course be very welcome, but I am going to stop asking every time I post now.  It seems only right.

I might start to annoy my friends on Facebook instead  🤣🤣

So what is the amazing food then I hear you ask.

Well it's funny ... like I mentioned on my last post ... every time I have anything to eat at the moment I ask myself  'Could this be replicated during Ration Challenge Week with the Ration Challenge ingredients? '.

The top photo is of my breakfast the other day, lovely unctuous Coconut Collaborative Coconut Yoghurt, with fresh Blueberries and Deliciously Ella's Nutty Granola, the answer was NO - not a hope in hell. 

This pizza although at first it seems hard to replicate, if you break it down a bit I could do this.  By using a part cooked flatbread with a topping of hummus and a few onion rings finished off under the grill so it doesn't overcook I think it would make a semi-reasonable pizza.

I may try this one!! 

My lunch the other day.

A baked potato with vegan coleslaw from Aldi (highly recommended by the way), some spread and a few cherry tomatoes.

Unfortunately - another NO.  🙁

My tea last night.

Brown rice with peppers, cucumber, tomato, celery and mayonnaise.

I could definintely make a  poor man's version of this with white rice, chopped onion, some spices and perhaps have a go at the mayonnaise recipe that someone shared on the Facebook page the other day.  It wouldn't be as colourful but it would be a sort of salady dish ... perhaps.

Ration Challenge Week Vegan Mayo

3tbs Aquafaba (the cooking water from the Chickpeas)
4 or 5 cooked Chickpeas

Blend together the aquafaba, chickpeas and spices whilst slowly drizzling in enough oil to make it emulsify.

It's worth a go, but perhaps I should have a try at it before I waste any precious Ration Challenge Pack ingredients during the actual week, to see if it works.

I'll let you know if I do of course  😃

Sue xx


  1. All we do is provide the money, you're the one with the hard work ahead! The pizza idea sounds nice.

    1. My head is buzzing with ideas. I need to focus them all and get making some plans :-)

  2. I would really miss having colourful food, Sue, perhaps you could spend your £3 treat on a pepper to put on your pizza? Or some tomatoes?

    1. A pack of tomatoes would be a brilliant idea, and yes a great pizza topper 😃

  3. You're so clever, Sue - really looking forward to seeing if the mayo works out.

  4. Relating to my first message, I just found this - you don't have to use a thermomix, an ordinary blender or whatever should do the trick.

    Hope this helps

    1. (the 'butterfly' is just a whisk)

    2. Thanks for finding that for me, I don't have a Thermomix but I do have a stick blender at the Van which will have to suffice, and of course using such a small amount of ingredients a stick blender will be better as I can do it in a small jug.


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