Saturday, 29 August 2020

For the Price of a Coffee

Remember my Challenge in October of last year the 'For the Price of a Coffee' challenge.  

If you hadn't found me or didn't read this blog back then  HERE  is the start of it, and you can read through by clicking on Newer Post at the bottom of each days post.

Well anyway to carry on, Nikki a participant on the Ration Challenge mentioned on someone's query about fundraising that the weekly amount of food for an average refugee costs £3.25 ... virtually the same as lots of people would spend on one fancy Costa Coffee.

And it got me thinking ... if by any chance you haven't sponsored me yet and were waiting until nearer the Challenge week, why not pretend you are taking me out for Costa Coffee this Bank Holiday Weekend ... it's looking like it going to be a traditional British weather bank holiday anyway, so we might as well spend it drinking coffee and having a chat.

So if you are going out for a coffee with family or friends over the weekend have a look on the price list at your local coffee shop and notice the amount it would cost if I were there with you ... I would be good honest and  just sit quietly in the corner gently blowing and then slurping at my coffee ... then either pull out your phone then and there or be a tad more polite and wait until you get home ... and send the cost of my coffee straight onto 

Looking at the UK Costa Coffee price list on their website my drink of choice, a medium Americano is £2.20.  There, I'm a cheap date ... no top of the range marshmallow floaty cream topped concoctions for me  😆😃  

But if you do want to treat me to one of those ... go ahead  😃

It's thought provoking and very humbling to think though isn't it, that the cost of that one fancy coffee could keep someone fed for an entire week!!

If you go over to my page for a little look you will notice that I have just updated my target.  

My new Ration Challenge target is £1,256.00.  

Which is enough to money astonishingly to feed 8, yes EIGHT refugees for an entire year ... and I am just over £75 away from it!! This is the last time I am increasing my target, if it goes over, it goes over.  I simply wanted to round it up to an amount that really means something to me, and that it's you lovely lot and my family and other friends that have raised this magnificent amount of money to feed these very deserving people, warms my heart and makes me feel so very grateful.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend ... it's the last little splurge of a Summer we've barely had, it's almost our duty to enjoy it the best way we can.  And then for me the Ration Challenge Week is just two weeks away and I am itching to get started  💖

Sue xx


  1. This really made me think. This week my mother gave us £50 to treat us to a take away, I can easily make us all a delicious meal for a fiver so this money is yours .Sometimes our life is crap but we have a home, clothes, healthcare when we need it and we feel safe so we are so lucky. Respect to you, Chrissie.

    1. You have moved both me and Alan to tears with this. Thank you so much.

      I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with your family and a brilliant home-cooked family meal. You are so right, aren't we all lucky with everything we have, even during the strange days that we are currently living through.

      Rest assured your money is going to very best of causes and I am proud to be doing this Challenge on behalf of you and all the other wonderful people that have sponsored me.

      Do you realise that your donation will feed a full family of six refugees for over two and a half weeks, or a single refugee for over fifteen, yes 15 weeks. Wow!!

      Thank you and with much love
      Sue xx

    2. You are so welcome, hoping not to make you feel emotional again, my son (who I have mentioned before who has epilepsy and other problems is with us again having had another nasty seizure and we have just found out he is to have another surgery to help decrease them ) was talking with me about your wonderful efforts asked me to put in a donation from him so when you see a donation from Robert that's my boy,( well, man he's 38 ) and he is a sweetie. I think that your figures showing how many meals can be provided makes me feel so glad to have helped as we would have spent that amount on one meal for four of us on one night !!!! Thank you for your kind message, Chrissie. x

    3. Please tell him, thank you so much, ,what a star ... I do hope he is feeling okay today. His name is just above yours on the sidebar list of sponsors.

      Thank you Robert. xx

  2. How wonderful to be so close to such an amount.

    God bless.

    1. It is really amazing, and very humbling, the amount of support this brilliant cause has had from readers of my blog and family and other friends. We have now just past the amount I needed to feed eight refugees for a year. I am very grateful to everyone for the donations and the support. xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your rations. Good luck, Sue. Ann M

    1. I really hope I can make it interesting reading after all the wonderful support. Thank you for your donation this morning. xx


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