Thursday, 27 August 2020

The Ration Challenge - Playing with Ingredients - Chickpeas 2

So the one thing left from my chickpeas for me to play with was the aquafaba, the chickpea cooking water. 

I followed the recipe that someone had shared on the Ration Challenge Facebook Group:   a few tablespoons of aquafaba, 4 or five cooked chickpeas, some oil and spices. 

I put the aquafaba into my jug added the chickpeas, the spices and a bit of salt and started whizzing with my stick blender, then I started to drizzle in some oil and carried on whizzing and whizzing and whizzing, far too much whizzing ... my stick blender was turning into a firestick in my hand and I was getting a bit worried about over heating, it's only a cheapo thing from Tesco!!

After about ten minutes the 'mayo' started to thicken, and suddenly it thickened properly, just one more whizz I thought ... wrong.  It thinned out again as soon as I started another whizz.

So it appears the secret is to watch it like a hawk and the second it starts to thicken stop whizzing and leave it well alone.

Thanks to my over-whizzing I was left with a very thin, oily not very nice tasting mayo.  I don't think I will bother with this during the actual Ration Week, so I am very glad that I took the time to have a practice now.  I have a much better use for my oil that I will tell you about tomorrow,  and instead of mayo on my burgers I think I will just use a smear of my hummus.

Some things are worth persevering with, for me with my limited Challenge week ingredients this isn't.

Sue xx


  1. I made the meringue using the water but that never worked either.

    1. I've only tried once to make meringues using aquafaba, but meringues are notoriously difficult to make in a two-oven Aga AND I forgot to add the Cream of Tartar ... so that didn't go well at all :-(

  2. Enjoying your prep through these test runs.

  3. That's disappointing but at least you now know.


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