Wednesday 2 September 2020

Gearing Up To a Challenge

One days food for ration Challenge Week,  the same rations that the refugees in the Syrian camps have for each day.

I don't usually spend so long 'gearing up' for a new Challenge.  This year because I signed up nice and early to the Ration Challenge there has been over a month up to now of thinking about this, fundraising for this brilliant cause and sort of planning.  I say sort of  because I have yet to work out a menu for the week, I have lots of ideas in my head for things to make with my limited ingredients, but no definite menu plan as such.  

Some of this years Challengers have divided their food up by the seven days and are using one seventh of the total rations each day.  A guy called Jonathan Smith divided all his food up into sevenths and took this photo to put on the Facebook group so everyone could see what this actually looks like.  But of course there are lots of us, me included who don't eat fish, so with his permission I did a vegetarian/vegan version of his photo with the little one seventh of a tin of sardines carefully edited out.

A little bit of vegan magic I called it  🤣🤣

Some ... me included ... are making larger portions of things to have in different meals all through week.  One thing is really for sure with 1.92kg of rice to pad out the meals one heck of a lot of rice will be consumed.

Between now and the start of the Challenge in just eleven days I am slowly and steadily eating my way through the cupboard, fridge and freezer at the Van and when I nip back to Wales at the weekend it will be the same there.  My mind is telling me to remove all the temptation ... well it's a good excuse to have chocolate for supper!!

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated recently.  My fundraising page is HERE and you can see for yourselves what the brilliant new total is.  


Sue xx


  1. The thing that immediately strikes me about the pic of the day's food is just how bland and repetitive it would be, and how eating for a refugee is all about staying alive, not pleasure. We forget how lucky we are.

  2. Sooze took the words right out of my mouth, Sue, the food does indeed look very bland. I love colourful food and I would struggle having no greens, no veg or fruit. I eat an apple most days and enjoy fruit with my cereal too. I admire you so much for tackling this challenge. Your sponsorship total is amazing x

  3. One thing that strikes me is that with this challenge you will be lucky enough to be cooking in your own warm kitchen with plenty of equipment to hand the poor people in the camps are having to cook their small rations in very challenging conditions and very basic equipment. Heather

    1. Yes, this is why there are lots of us doing the Challenge that have decided that all we will use for cooking on for the week will be one ring or hotplate of our cookers.

      A couple of people are using camping stoves at home and one girl is purposefully wild camping for that week with just her Ration Pack and a camping stove. I'm a lot more luxurious than that here to in the Van, but it will just be one gas ring and NO oven or microwave usage for the week.

  4. I would be removing temptation as well.

    God bless.


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