Saturday, 19 September 2020

The Ration Challenge - Day Six


I've been careful to ration out my oil this year, but I will be using most, if not all of it up.  I've learnt that oil equals satiation as well as flavour and it's been very true this week.

Breakfast - Rice and Dahl, with a spare bowl of rice cooling before going into the fridge ready for tomorrows breakfast, or a late supper if I need it.

I wasn't hungry at lunchtime after my nice breakfast, but I was cold, so I decided to have my leftover soup in a mug to warm my hands, while I tootled around blogland and answered food related questions on the Ration Challenge Facebook group.

I knew tonight's tea was going to be the highlight of the week as I had my £3 Reward pack of Cherry tomatoes to eat.  As per the rules they all had to be eaten in one sitting!!  They have been glowing red at me all week in the fridge, tempting me and daring me to break the rules ... but I stayed strong.

I sliced the remaining small piece of onion from the fridge, then left some as half rings to top the pizza and chopped the rest up finely to make the pizza sauce.  The cherry tomatoes on the board were quartered and added to the frying pan with the chopped onion and left to sauté slowly while I rolled out the pizza base.  Just 60g grams of flour with some salt and water ... a flatbread by another name, which is what all the 'bready things' have been this week.  It's amazing how many differently named things you can make with such a simple mix.

The pizza base was then topped with the tomatoey sauce, a few slices of another couple of tomatoes, the onion slices, half of one of the Lentil and Bean Burgers leftover from yesterday and finally a few dots of hummus.

Twenty minutes later I had this.

Tea - A Pizza with a side salad of Cherry Tomatoes.

It was a complete success ... phew ...  and very filling, so I don't think I'll be needing that bowl of rice from the fridge.

There is just one more day left of the Challenge.  This week has gone by so quickly and I seem to have spent most of it planning food, making food, and washing up after eating food.

This is what I have left in the stores, enough food for tomorrow ... well there's plenty of rice anyway  😄

In the fridge I have a little pot of hummus, one of dahl, the bowl of rice and the one and a half Lentil and Bean burgers on top.

I'll be fine  💚

Sue xx


  1. I bet the pizza with all the tomatoes was a taste sensation, you must have really enjoyed every mouthful. Personally, I couldn't envisage eating a pizza without cheese...or a whole week's eating with no cheese! 😱 Lol. I am kidding (sort of!) - definitely a first world problem!

    1. Although I do occasionally have a pizza with Violife cheese, which is coconut based, I found out about a year ago that pizza without cheese is a flavour revelation. If you build up layers of flavour with your toppings it is absolutely delicious and you really don't miss cheese at all 😃

    2. I can't ever imagine saying I don't miss cheese 😂

    3. It's definitely an addiction 🤣🤣

    4. I've eating mostly plants these days, so I've been making a similar cheese free pizza. My favorite is tomato sauce, herbs, garlic, spinach, mushroom, onion, pepper, olive, and artichoke. Basically a salad on top of a flat bread, but satisfying like a pizza.

  2. You continually surprise me with your ingenuity and creativity. A brilliant use of the tomatoes and I guess both colour and flavour were such a treat.
    Has the week gone quickly? It seems so for me.

    1. Gosh it tasted so fresh and vibrant, it was worth drooling over those tomatoes all week for.

      Yes the week seems to have flown by. It's been a blur of preparing, cooking and washing up after small amounts of food ... then writing about it all both here on the blog and in the Facebook Group.

  3. That pizza was the visual highlight of the week for me after following your meals all week and I'M not eating rice most of the time! It must have tasted like heaven. I don't think I would have had the willpower to leave the tomatoes alone all that time without breaking the rules and pinching one of them. And I'm with Sooze in that I would miss cheese so much. I've cut down on it drastically in order to control my IBS but need a little every now and again :) Well done Sue...not long to go now and you can have a coffee ;)

    1. I must admit to squeezing the pack of tomatoes a few times ... in a loving way ... but as you can see the pack was still sealed so I resisted temptation. The pizza was delicious and definintely something I will be repeating post Challenge. I have learnt so much this week :-)

  4. Ohhhh, that pizza looks scrumptious.

    God bless.


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