Monday, 21 September 2020

The Ration Challenge - End of Challenge Round Up - Edit ... New Total

The Leftovers.

There's not a lot left is there!! 

I guess I could rustle up one final meal of Fried Rice in a Satay-like Sauce ... but I won't.  Instead these items will be used up over the next few days with other foods out of the cupboard here at the Van.  Peanut butter on toast for breakfast for perhaps two days and in normal eating non-ration challenge terms I guess I have a couple of weeks worth of rice.  

Yet again this year I was shocked at the sheer amount of salt I went through.  At the start of Challenge Week this little salt cellar was full to the top, now only the bottom third is left.  I guess when food is sparse and simple salt equals flavour and you add all the flavour you can to all of your food.

I will needless to say be weaning myself off salt over the next few days.

The ticks on the wall chart show that I completed all I set out to complete  😃

Now, how about a round up of some of my favourite meals ...

Right at the beginning the Paratha, with one of my three cups of coffee of Ration Challenge week.  Me ... drinking just three cups of coffee in a week ... unheard of!!

One of my favourite meals - the Falafels with plain rice.

I'll definitely be making these again for sure, but in future with dried or even fresh herbs added and some pepper too, both things I didn't and couldn't have last week.  They were light as anything and absolutely delicious 💓

An eye-opener for me, I like wraps!!

 Especially when they are fresh turmeric homemade wraps and filled with hummus and broken up bean burger, but in more normal days they will also have some shredded crunchy lettuce and perhaps a squeeze of mayo.

Oh be still my beating heart - the pastry made with oil instead of hard fats is delicious, and when it's wrapped around a Lentil and Beanburger is a real treat.

Lentil Pancakes.

That you can make something that is tasty, filling and nutritious out of a handful of lentils and a cup of water was a revelation and these will no doubt be made over and over again.

And the highlight of the week for tastiness, colour and just sheer joy bringing ... my Tomato Pizza.  This will be eaten over and over I can assure you, but with a side of maybe coleslaw or just some crunchy salad vegetables rather than with even more tomatoes  😁😆

It's been a good week, having done this before meant I had some knowledge of what was ahead of me and having the time to try out a few recipes in the run up to it was brilliant.

But the absolute highlight of the last week for me has been YOU.  Knowing that I had so much support, cheering me on from the side-lines, willing me to do well and being ready in a nice way to hold me to account if I failed or stumbled was humbling, cheering and well, just so supportive.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for that support, be it financial or with your words of encouragement.

My Sponsors for Ration Challenge 2020

Anonymous 26.53

  • Anonymous 53.00 
  • Susan H
  • Anonymous 10.60
  • Anonymous 21.20
  • Hilary E
  • Anonymous 10.60
  • Mona M
  • Anonymous 26.50
  • Jean B-L
  • Tania O
  • Anonymous 53.00
  • Claire P
  • Laura Z
  • Ann M
  • Jenny D
  • Dorothy W
  • Anonymous 5.30
  • Robert C
  • Chrissie W
  • Nethergreen
  • Gillian M
  • Rosie G
  • Me for Anonymous
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  • Catriona M
  • Sue L.
  • Deborah K
  • Debbie B
  • Found Cash 5.30
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  • Su W
  • Val D
  • Alison C
  • Jason W & Tash B
  • Mary O
  • Christina N
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  • Linda W
  • Sally C
  • Gillian M
  • Sheila A
  • Joy C
  • Alan/Anonymous
  • Me

Thank you ... between us we managed to raise the magnificent sum of  £1,6500.00  The team I was part of managed to raise £3,289.20 between us, and the Ration Challengers overall total up to now, as some people are still doing the Challenge over the next few weeks, is £1,434,457.00

What else can I say except a massive THANK YOU.

Sue xx

 in the UK we've raised


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you do this. You are so creative and made it interesting. Thank you for posting all of your meals and congratulations on the amount of money you raised! Ann M

  2. Really well done Sue, it's been brilliant following your culinary experiments every day, and a privilege to be a very small part of your success. Thank you x

  3. well done sue what an achievement loved reading your posts

  4. Love the creativity of your recipes. I had a few I genuinely enjoyed (flatbreads, falafel, rice pudding) and several epic fails (attempts at pea crepes, pancakes and soft tortilla wraps that ended up as pastry circles :)). Amazing result for your fundraising, tribute to your hard work and the generosity of your family, friends and readers.

    1. Thank you so much Faith, and well done on doing it again yourself 💖

  5. This morning when I opened my fridge door to get the spread and marmalade for my toast, your challenge popped into my head, I suppose because I was reading it before going to sleep. My fridge has fresh fruit and veg, soy milk , juice, sauces and jams, dairy free cheese and other things, how lucky are we, my larder cupboard is full too and this is are everyday life I can't imagine not being able to do something as simple as opening a door and choosing what we want to eat
    it really is a privilege. Apart from coffee, is there anything in particular that you really missed.

    1. What I missed most was choices ... eating what I wanted when I wanted and like you say just opening the fridge door and being able to take something tasty out. I purposely let the fridge run right down so there wasn't much in there to tempt me. There was a stack of dark chocolate bars but they didn't tempt me at all, it was fresh vegetables and fruit that I wanted.

      We are so privileged and lucky aren't we 💖

  6. Well done Sue! I have enjoyed following you on your challenge. The charity has raised an amazing amount of money as have you as an individual. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thinking of all the refugees who are struggling every day.

    1. Thank you so much 😊. The refugees are on my mind too, especially during these strange times with Covid-19 rampaging through the camps and Winter once again on the horizon 😟

      At least we can say hand on heart that we have done 'something' to help in our small way ❤️

  7. Congratulations on your achievement. It really isn't an easy challenge and you rocked it.

  8. I am amazed at your achievement. Like so many others I almost feel guilty when I look in my fridge, freezer and pantry and realize we could live for months on what is in there. I can't imagine living on the rations you had and I would imagine the refugees have no way of getting the little extras that you had to make things more palatable. Congratulations on what you did.

    1. Yes, this week my fridge suddenly looks much more colourful again. Thank you so much ❤️

  9. That is really a terrific accomplishment. I admire your determination in completing this tough challenge. Well done!

  10. Awesome fund raising by all for this event.

    God bless.

    1. We did well didn't we 😄. In the end between us all on this blog and family members that don't read it we doubled last year's figure for donations ... wow!! 💖

  11. A stunning total, Sue, well done.

    One thing I wondered about the Ration challenge food, did you find you were lacking in fibre with no normal fruit and veg over a week? Apart from pizza day, of course!

    1. No not at all, I think having the lentils and chickpeas spread out over the whole week helped 🙂


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