Saturday, 12 September 2020

The Ration Challenge - One Final Play with My Food

Well it's just one day before the Ration Challenge 2020 kicks off and yesterday I decided to have a final 'play with my food'.

This year as well as the ability to use the spices that my teammates have chosen I have gained 210ml of a milk of my choice, and I didn't know how I would use it.  To be honest apart from on cereal or a dash added to sauces I just don't use milk at all in my normal life .... ooh is my life normal in any sense of the word ... I do hope not 🤣🤣  

My coffees are drunk black and have been for the last few years and I don't like to drink any of the milks I have tried.   NB. I don't use dairy milk AT ALL.

So I decided to try making some rice pudding.

I weighed out the milk and then added 70g of uncooked rice and left it to putter away on the stove top for ages, while I caught up on a couple of episodes of Harlots ... brilliant series once again  😃

When it was ready ... I didn't like it, but I didn't want to waste it so I decided to turn it into the rice cakes I mentioned on yesterdays post.

They went together well and held their shape.

And looked quite good after ten minutes cooking on each side.

But I just wasn't that keen really, and I don't want to be going to lots of effort next week to make something that isn't that nice for me.  Anyone that likes the creamy taste of milk and the texture of a soft rice cake would no doubt love them ... but not me.

So that is my last play with food.

The Ration Challenge 2020 starts from when I wake up on Sunday 13th September and ends when I go to sleep on Saturday 19th.  I will do a post showing all the foods I have for the week on the 13th and then so that I can show you each days meals I will post the day after I have eaten them throughout the Challenge.

I'd say 'Wish me Luck' but you all already have and you have all been amazing with your support and sponsorship ... THANK YOU so much 💖

Sue xx


  1. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes. xx

  2. I DO wish you luck, Sue, and look forward to seeing how you get on. Go girl! x


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