Thursday 17 September 2020

The Ration Challenge - Day Four

It's a good job I have my planner in full view to keep me on the straight and narrow because I feel like I'm starting to lose my marbles.  My typing skills have definitely suffered ... I'm hitting all the right keys just in all the wrong order ... a sure sign that my hand to eye coordination is not at full capacity.

Luckily this mornings breakfast was my Reward 330ml drink, and I chose to have a home made smoothie.  An apple from the fridge and three banana chunks and some spinach from the freezer with a dash of ice cold water.

  I added a little bit more water until I hit the exact 330g/ml allowance.

It was delicious  💚

I had the three leftover flatbreads from yesterday to add to my lunch and I quickly whizzed up some of my Kidney bean onion mix to make a pate.  I did photograph it all laid out neatly at Mum's on one of her pretty plates but I can't get it off my phone and onto the computer.  I will try and add it later.


Anyway it was a nice tasty and quite satisfying little lunch.

As soon as I got home I fed Suky her tea and then started on mine.  

I weighed out my onions, and thought I had the right little pot of chickpeas out of the fridge but when I whizzed up the Falafel mix I realised it looked completely wrong so I looked in the fridge and yep, I had mixed up the tub containing just 23g and the one with the larger portion meant for the falafels.  

So I weighed out 23g from the pot and added the rest into the little processer and whizzed them up before adding them to the rest of the falafel mix.  I was getting so annoyed with myself with all this messing around.

But the finished dish was delicious and I would make these again in an instant ... but in larger proportions once the Challenge is over.

The recipe.

With a surprise donation from my Mum's lovely neighbour Hilary, my total has once more gone up.  Go and see for yourself over on my Fundraising Page.

I am so thankful to all the lovely people who have helped me get to this total, we are now just £58 away from being able to feed 10 refugees for an entire year ... WOW!!


Sue xx


  1. That fund raising is incredible. So worth all the 'stuff' (says me from a comfortable distance).

    1. It's amazing isn't it. If I don't get any more sponsorship, which I don't think I will as you lot and my family and friends have already been SO fantastic ... I will make it up myself so we get to that lovely round figure of 10 refugees eating for a year.

  2. Eric Morecombe said almost the same thing to Ardre Previn I believe! I keep meaning to have a go at making falafels. I bought ready made and love them.

    1. He did didn't he about playing the piano, and then he twiddled his glasses and carried on playing. I might go and see old Eric on the prom in Morecambe on Sunday to celebrate the Challenge being over, and have a big fat chip barmcake :-)

      Oh these falafels were lovely, much lighter and lest stodgy than shop bought ones ... they just needed some dried herbs in the mix and they would have been perfect.

  3. You are doing well. I can just imagine the fog you are in. To think refugees have the same problem all the time is heart breaking.

    God bless.

    1. It really is isn't it ☹️

      It's taking me twice as long as usual to do all of these blog posts, if you saw them before the corrections you'd be in stitches 🤣🤣


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