Thursday, 30 May 2019

Down to Basics - Fridge Comparison Photos

Top Shelf  - 11th May

Top shelf today

I decanted the pickled onions from the large plastic jar into two glass jars.

Next two shelves - 11th May

Next two shelves today.

There's really no rush to eat the vegan cheeses as they have a brilliantly long shelf life.  

Bottom two shelves - 11th May

Bottom two shelves this morning, before I cooked the pasties.

Top fridge drawer - 11th May

Top fridge drawer today.

Bottom fridge drawer - 11th May

And bottom fridge drawer today.

The whole fridge - 11th May

The whole fridge today.

I'm really pleased with this part of the Challenge and I hope to keep my fridge with a much quicker turnover of foods going forwards from the Challenge.

Sue xx


  1. Very organised! WHat an achievement - well done.

  2. WOW! .. I mean just WOW! You have really gotten those shelves in order!

    1. I know!! Is it weird that I like having very little food in there :-)

    2. Not weird at all! .. in a world of excess .. your fridge makes sense!


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