Sunday 26 May 2019

Down to Basics - Still Not Shopping and it Feels ....

We're still not shopping and it feels ... GOOD!!.

The stores of food in the fridge, freezer and cupboards are going down a bit quicker with both of us being in this use it up mindset.  We no longer ask 'What do you fancy for tea?'  first we have a rummage through the freezer or open the cupboard and peruse the shelves and then we decide what we're going to be eating.

I am running short on some things, I think I have four Weetabix left, although there is a large box at the Van so I could bring back some after filling the jar there, so I do have options.  But in the meantime there is always porridge for breakfast.

Today I'm having two Weetabix, but yesterday's breakfast before the car boot sale was a Nutriblast using fruit from the freezer and some Spinach from the polytunnel, along with a dash of Almond Milk and some water.

It made a tasty and nutritious sludge 😉

Talking of car boot sales, I've posted about it on my other blog over here.  We did well, and oh the relief to be coming home with all that space in the back of the truck.  We are both really in the mindset of Down to Basics now and it really is feeling good.

Sue xx

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  1. I did a straighten up of the cupboards today and yesterday. Wow do we have lots of food. A couple of cans got away from me and were years (okay 2 years out of date). I had to toss as I just don't trust something that far along. I feel very bad about it.

    God bless.


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