Monday 27 May 2019

Down to Basics - Using It Up

I came across this on YouTube ... what a brilliant idea, especially if there are only two of you or you live alone.  A weeks worth of individual desserts or treats made at once. Of course it could also be adapted to make savoury tarts and pies.

 I wouldn't rush out and buy a special tin just to do this but instead I intend to look through my cupboards and drawers for a muffin, fairy cake or Yorkshire Pudding tin in a similar style.

I know for a fact I have a four section tin that I use for pies so I could take this idea and use it to make four completely different one person tartlets.  And at the moment while I'm in this use it up frame of mind this would be great to use up all those bits and bobs that I'm coming across in the freezer.

 I'll let you know if I make anything :-) 

Sue xx


  1. The idea is very good, isn't it? The example was pretty unhealthy but easy to adapt the concept to whatever you have.

  2. Super idea!! Hope you can adapt this to your tin.

    God bless.


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