Saturday, 25 May 2019

Down to Basics - At the Van - Day 3

Day three was a porridgey breakfast before hitting the road to visit Mum in Manchester.  After a coffee and an hour putting the world to rights we set off for Wyevale for a spot of 'ladies who lunch' with Bella as a furry member of the gang.

She gets a LOT of attention everywhere we go and she can get terribly overwhelmed by all these giant hands trying to pet her, so I had the brainwave of grabbing a Mouse Cat Bed and popping her in it on the chair next to me.

She soon settled down at the back where no one could see her and slept peacefully all through lunch.

After another coffee back at Mum's it was time to head back to the Van with little Bella sleeping again happily in the back if the car.  She's moved up from her little zip up carrier and can now be trusted in one of the dog beds on the back seat ... of course wearing her little seatbelt to keep her safely in one place.

After the large cooked lunch I really didn't want or need much for my tea, so I decided in a bid to use up a bit more of the pesto to have toasted Cheese, Pesto and Red Onion sandwiches.  

This small loaf from the freezer was too small to go into the sandwich toaster,  so I briefly toasted the bread in the toaster and then finished the assembled sandwiches off in the frying pan.

Result = Very tasty 😀

And of course after seeing little Bella so happy in her Mouse House ... I just had to buy it for her.  My logic was that after spending absolutely no money on food for home this week, I could easily justify a little splurge.

She played happily in her new den all night while I caught up on some TV watching. 

Sue xx


  1. She looks so cozy in it. Never gave much thought to small dogs and big hands.

    1. She has stopped flinching so much, but our hands must seem massive to her when they are suddenly being aimed at petting her head. She's much more relaxed when it's young children petting her as she was used to being handled by a little girl from being a couple of days old.

  2. I have to say I was curious as to what a mouse cat bed was until I saw the last picture lol. My daughters little dog has a house shaped den and he loves it too and runs to hide there when he's fed up being handled by the children. He also tries to hide all his toys in there from my dog! He's not quite sussed my dog can spot a toy a mile away lol. Aren't dogs great fun! x

    1. When I got home with Bella and her new den Ginger was keen to try it out for himself and promptly settled in there, batting her away every time she approached. She very cleverly reversed her way into it squeezing past him and he shot out.

  3. That's a fantastic little bed nd she looks so happy in it.

    1. She loves it. I don't know how long the little dangling mouse in the entrance will last, one bite from Mavis and it will be off ... but it's still there for now :-)

  4. Is the bed machine washable, getting a dachshund puppy in a few weeks and it looks ideal


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