Monday 20 May 2019

Down to Basics - Not Shopping

I was sat eating my lunch yesterday reading through the latest Tesco magazine.  With a last sip of my coffee I turned over the magazine to see this back cover.

I was angry!!

If this is an advertisers idea of something funny in my current mindset it's lost me completely.  It's almost as though they are laughing at us.  Saying "we can persuade you to buy anything if you come into our store".  Yes the supermarkets are masters at making us spend our money, whether it's 'buy one get one free' offers, so called 'half price' offers ... when only the week before they put the item up in price so that the following weeks offer looks even better or just the simple pile it high on the end of the aisle 'special offers'.

It's time to step away from all this hype and marketing methinks.  When I do go back to shopping on a regular basis I think it will be to small shops, to markets and any other small traders I can find.  

The big boys can go whistle in the wind!!

Meanwhile just before I left home for the Van I photographed the fridge to see if the contents have gone down at all, and I'm pleased to see that yes, they have.  In fact since taking this photo I have  eaten the last of the yogurt, drank the last of the orange juice and eaten one of the Mandarin oranges .... not all at the same time I hasten to add! 

Sue xx


  1. The shops get us coming and going, don't they. I would love to only shop every two weeks even for just milk ax it always seems like something not on the list makes it into the cart. Not really saving if it goes to waste.

    Your fridge looks great!

    God bless.


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