Saturday 4 May 2019

Down to Basics - Accountability Photos

So yes, of course most of you knew immediately what this Challenge would be about. ... eating down the stores, emptying the cupboards, not shopping for a month, call it what you wish,

 But I decided to call it 'Down to Basics' because once I empty the cupboards, fridge and freezer ... mostly here but also to some extent back in Wales ... I won't be shopping to restock them in the way they have been stocked in the past or present.  Instead I'll be moving to a more basic, but useful and healthy store cupboard of our most used and basic items.

I'm putting up these photos as a record of what is here in the van food storage areas at the start of the Challenge so I can see in a couple of weeks how much difference there is.

This Challenge isn't to be about deprivation in any way and I will be shopping for things like milk for Alan's cuppas ... and maybe once ALL supplies are used up bread for toast.  I will also buy things like onions if they are needed to make up recipes with ingredients I already have in the cupboards.  

But apart from things like that I will be using up what we already have before any shopping for what we fancy takes place.

As you can see from these photos we are not short of food here at the Van, how things are back in Wales I have no idea, but I will be back there on Wednesday night so I'll check and photograph the cupboards and will continue the Challenge at both addresses.

I'm not sure how long this Challenge will last, a week wouldn't make much of a dent in the food stash ... so possibly at least a month 

Anyway this is the basis of the Challenge and hopefully I will be back most days waffling on about something and sharing recipes that use up the ingredients that I find in the stores in the best possible way.

Oh, and I'm using one of my new notebooks to makes notes and list the foods that come out of the cupboards, fridge and freezer so I can keep tabs on my progress 🙂



  1. Good luck with it Sue (not that you'll need it, it's not exactly new to you is it? lol). I look forward to seeing what you do/make with all your ingredients.

  2. Oh I am sure you can do it Sue!.I love your challenges and I know that you are one determined lady when it comes to any thing like this..cause I read your blogs all the time!!.I am still doing your rations one and the Family havent even noticed.Through you and Ilona(Mean Queen),I have managed to get my shopping down to average £45 per week and thats for 3 adults and 5 grown up Grandkids who visit.And some treats for their 2 dogs.Good luck and even if its beans on least you can say you did it!,xx

    1. £45 a week is excellent. It's so funny that your family hasn't noticed...that tells us a lot doesn't it? We shop out of habit sometimes. I've been giving my husband (who claims not to like lentils) a lentil cottage pie for ages and he's not noticed! He also didn't notice that my chestnut and mushroom pastry pie had no meat!

    2. I was only thinking about the Wartime Rations Challenge a couple of days ago, good for you still doing it. I really enjoyed it and perhaps will do something similar when my store cupboard has been run down to sensible and then basic levels.

      That amount, £45 for 3 adults and 5 cats is VERY good 🙂

  3. Ooooh, good-oh. Another Challenge. I'm really looking forward to reading haw this one goes although I totally agree that it's more like a month or maybe even longer.

  4. Going to enjoy this one!

  5. I love seeing what is in your cupboards & fridge .. enough to keep you going for a fair bit of time! It will be fun to see what you come up with as you use it all.

    1. You can't beat a bit of nosying into other people cupboards can you, I love it 😃

  6. Good luck Sue. I know you will do a bang up job of eating things down.

    God bless.


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