Friday 24 May 2019

Down to Basics - A Days Food at the Van - Day 2

Day two at the van started with porridge, followed with a slice of toast with homemade Orange Maramlade.  It set me up well and dinnertime came and went without me even realising. 

Around 3ish I felt slightly peckish and desperately in need of some fresh air after a couple of hours spent working on my laptop, so I grabbed Bella's lead and we had a little walk round the corner to Daisy Clough nurseries.  Where, after a walk around the plants and the old orchard, we sat in the shade of the outdoor eating area and partook of a large slice of Root Cake and a large black filter coffee ... well I did ... Bella was happy people and doggy watching from under the table while I had a nice little chat with Mum on the phone.  

The slice of cake was more than enough to tide me over until a late tea a seven o'clock. 

 My tea was a collaboration between the fridge and the Tin Bath, fresh mixed leaves, some spring onions and some of my favourite cheese.

This is a creamy tasting cheese, reminiscent of a mild cheddar and as it has added B12 a good addition to a vegan diet.

 The back label.

With two brown finger rolls from the freezer it ended another day eaten just from what I already had in ... a very satisfying feeling. 

Sue xx


  1. I have never tried the Violife slices, must give them a go as I do love the dairy free cream cheese especially on a bagel. Fortune blessed me with an Age UK donations bag through the letter box yesterday so a very good excuse to clear unused items plus an extra 2 bin liners full. What luck and yes it feels good! Vera.

  2. You are still eating very well. Good for you on managing to eat down the cupboards and fridge.

    God bless.


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