Wednesday 23 October 2019

For the Price of a Coffee - Day Six - The Meals

Breakfast - 1/3 tub of Yoghurt and lightly cooked Apple Slices

Ooh, that was nice, I decided to cook the apple slices a bit as I prefer them soft with yoghurt.

I prepped two of the apples even though I knew I only wanted one with my yoghurt, as I had plans for the rest of the slices for my pudding tonight.  they were simply cored, sliced and popped into a pan with the little tub of lemon juice and a sneaky teaspoon of demerara sugar from a sachet from my little stash.

Once lightly cooked I lifted them carefully from the apply, syrupy sauce and put them in a dish to cool.

And sliced up the rhubarb that I had spotted on the Veggie Patch.  It is all starting to go over now with the cold nights, and I know how much Alan loves a Rhubarb Crumble.  So I thought it was a good time to prep him a couple of crumbles for the freezer and pinch a cheeky few slices of rhubarb for me.  I cooked it in the syrupy sauce.

Dinner - Rice, Red Lentil Dhal and Broccoli

I forgot to photograph my lunch, which was a bloody shame as it looked wonderfully photogenic!!

I had the last of the dhal with 100g rice and a good portion of broccoli, and it was very tasty although far too filling.  I saved a small amount of the dhal stirred through some of the rice.

After lunch, while I was still in a cooking mood I set to and prepped my evening meal.  I had decided to use all of the trimmings to make a pot of soup, so it made sense to peel and chop all the veggies and then cook them so that I could have the cooking water in place of stock.

It was soon bubbling away nicely and then spent an hour or two in the bottom oven of the Aga.

I also made up my stuffing mix into eight little patties.

Once the soup was well cooked I whizzed it with the stick blender and pushed it through a sieve.  Nothing was wasted as the chickens got the mush.

All the trimmings and vegetable cooking water, along with two onions and one clove of garlic gave me three good portions of soup.  Not too big this time as I have found that this is the level that I like in these pots as a serving just for me.

Tea - A Roast Dinner - Veggies, Stuffing Patties and Gravy.

It was very tasty, but missing a couple of veggie sausages for a different texture and taste, although I found this large plateful hard to manage so I doubt I could have eaten the sausages even if I had had them!!.

As soon as I had eaten my tea I set too to make myself a little fruit tartlet for later.

Simply a half of my remaining half sheet of puff pastry scored around the edge and pricked in the middle, topped with most of the remaining apple slices and a few little pieces of the lightly stewed rhubarb.  (I have saved a little bit of the fruit to have for breakfast tomorrow.)

Supper - Fruit Tartlet

Yummy ... I thought it might be missing some icecream or custard, but it was lovely just as it was with a nice cup of black coffee.

Food carried forward: 

In the fridge:
small portion rice and dhal
1/4 sheet Puff Pastry
3 onions
1 butternut squash
3 slices of lemon
3/4 iceberg lettuce
6 spring onions
4 apples 
1/3 pot of yoghurt
1/2 tin beans
orange juice
red pepper
a little tub of cooked potato
5 stuffing patties

Other foods:
700g porridge oats
636g spaghetti
2 cloves garlic
250g red lentils
800g brown rice
1 part-baked baguette
tub of gravy mix
1 tin tomatoes

Cash carried forward =  32p  

Wow ... I really feel like I have eaten far too much as I sit typing this at the end of the day!!

Sue xx


  1. A fantastic day's eating and you're really bringing the daily bought coffee habit into perspective. I'm glad it's a habit I have never acquired.

    1. It's a habit that crept up on me, not exactly daily but around three times a week. It's always nice to break a habit and turn it back into a treat.

  2. I am enjoying seeing your meals and all for the price of a daily coffee. This is something we have been talking about recently. Up until this year we only ever bought coffee out, in the same chain, 3-4 times a year and yes it was seen as a treat. But the last 6 months for various reasons it has become quite normall, to call in when in town, where I have a coffee and youngest son has a fruit cooler, therefore spending about £6.( I don't tend to go when I'm on my own). So I have decided to stop doing it as it is too expensive to do as often as we have been, plus it doesn't feel like a treat anymore. Helen S.

    1. It does soon become a normal and very regular thing without you even realise it doesn't it. No harm in £6 for the two of you every now and then, but yes it's nice to make it back into a treat rather than a regular occurrence and something that's expected.

  3. Yummy, your meals looks so delicious♥ I'm drooling again as it's breakfast time:)

    1. That fruit tart as simple as it was, was delicious 😃

  4. Love your fruit tart. I am going to give that a try with some apples I picked up today.

    God bless.

    1. It was so simple. I think I'll do a savoury version with my remaining piece of pastry 🙂


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