Monday 21 October 2019

For the Price of a Coffee - Day Four - The Shopping

I had £2.72 to spend - and I didn't go shopping!!

Shopping every day is difficult if you're not used to that particular mindset.  I knew I had more than enough food in the Van so I wouldn't go hungry, I had no real need to go into Garstang, my nearest town for shopping … so I just didn't go.

It does of course mean that I have twice as much, or almost twice as much to go shopping with tomorrow so that really is something to look forward too.

As usual I start a Challenge all fired up and ready to do it properly and then let something slip, but I'm not beating myself up over it, instead I'll get stuck into my leftovers and my food already purchased and sit and plan the next shopping trip.

Ooh a whole £5.47 … now what should I buy?

  What would you buy with that amount that would give you three meals for one day?  Maybe that's what I'll do, if I eat all my spoilable leftovers today I could have a little Challenge within a Challenge tomorrow that means I have to buy three distinct meals for Day Five all within my £5.47 budget and I'm not to use any of my previously bought items to supplement them. Then I will go back to my normal Challenge of spending £2.75 a day for the final two days.

That's a plan then 😎



  1. lol - I hadn't read this when I made my comment on your last entry!
    Such richness - I wonder what you will buy!

    1. I'm off out now so you'll find out soon :-)

  2. I now shop completely different to what I used to, so it would be really difficult for me to shop everyday. Eggs would definitely be on my list as they are so versatile. I put oats in my nutribullet and make it flour. Then add egg and milk to make pancakes both savory and sweet.

    1. Yes eggs really are versatile aren't they, but something I no longer eat, well occasionally if they are in something ... mayonnaise when we're out and about for instance ... but very rarely. Although saying that I must have consumed quite a few when we were in Amsterdam, chips and mayonnaise (lots of mayonnaise) seems to be a national dish!

      Yes I thought of making myself some oat flour the other day. If I need any that's exactly what I'll do. Perhaps I'll make some pancakes with mashed banana and oat flour :-)

  3. That's roughly $10 in Oz, eggs for sure, baked beans, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms oh dear it's 6.52 am and all this talk of food has made me start thinking of breakfast:) Happy shopping Sue

    1. It sounds like you've just planned the perfect breakfast :-)


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