Wednesday, 23 October 2019

For the Price of a Coffee - Day Six - The Shopping

I guess I could have gotten away with not shopping at all.  I have lots of food in my now nicely stocked little larder so much so that I was really tempted to have another day of not shopping.

But this Challenge is about showing what you can buy instead if you for-go a daily coffee, so I will continue to shop every day and give myself as wider a selection of foods as I can.  Really I have so much food in at the moment that I am almost thinking I have too much to choose from and too many meal options.

Time to use up a few of the bits and bobs I think.

All these items were bought to help make more complete meals out of the things I have left in my larder, and the orange juice just because I really fancied some ... quite a rare thing for me but when I fancy it I listen to my body and buy it.

My shopping total was £2.45 and I shopped in Tesco as it was just a small detour on my way home to Wales to house-sit while the builders are in and keep Ginger company while Alan is working away.

 Brought forward         2p
  Todays money   £2.75
   Total to Spend   £2.77  

Actually Spent    £2.45

Carried forward to Day 7 - 32p



  1. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

  2. Another great selection of foods:) This challenge has certainly been an eye opener for me as I don't really have a budget for food. This week I've been reading a book "Eat well, Save More feed four people for $80 a week" by Cath Armstrong who is the founder of the Cheapskates club here in Oz, an amazing lady. Great simple recipes and lots of helpful ideas. I think I need to start a challenge to have a food budget:)


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