Thursday, 3 October 2019

Time for a New Challenge?

This year up to now, I have done five Challenges … I think it's time for another!!

Up to now I have done -

 Challenge One - Eat the Stores

The basic premise was ...  'To use up as much of the food that we already have in store as we can before we go shopping for any more.'

Challenge Two - Yellow Sticker Shopping

The basic premise was …  to shop mostly for yellow stickered foods and use something from this stash for every meal.  It was a fun Challenge and made me keep my eyes open in the shops and try new foods.

Challenge Three - Shopping Hauls

The basic premise was … to have £10 each day and go to a different shop, buy anything I needed or simply wanted, or thought was a bargain up to the value of that £10. It was a fun Challenge, but one that cured me of shopping for shopping's sake once and for all.

Challenge Four - Down to Basics

The basic premise was …  To eat through the stores at both the Van and at home in a bid to get the bulging cupboards, once again, back to normal.  This was triggered by shopping on a hungry stomach and buying too much in one trip  ... and then trying to fit it into my one cupboard at the Van. 

Challenge Five - The Ration Challenge

Challenge Four was interrupted by Challenge Five, and was a worldwide charity Challenge.  My readers, family and friends all stepped up magnificently and helped me to raise over £780 for refugees.  A week living mainly on rice and dhal was made so much more than just bearable thanks to the support I received through this blog.

And now ... it's time to get stuck in with a whole new Challenge.  

I think a week long, money limited Challenge is called for and I have the glimmer of an idea … it came to me while I was drinking coffee and once I have worked out the rules and sorted out a clear week with no interruptions I will start and as usual post about my progress each day.

Watch this space. 🌝

Sue xx

If you want to read through any of my old Challenges while you are waiting for me to get myself into gear, you can click on the picture from each Challenge on the right hand side bar of the blog.   By then clicking on 'Newer Post' at the bottom of the comments section on each post you can then work your way through all of the posts for that particular Challenge.

There are currently five Challenges from this year ... and if you are a real glutton for punishment there are three from last year when I started this blog too!!


  1. Looking forward to it, love reading everything you write about, good luck, can't wait to hear all about it. xx

  2. Looking forward to this...Best to you.

  3. Oh good, I love your challenges, they always give me ideas and make me think, can't wait. Helen S.

  4. Oooh, exciting. I love your challenges!

  5. Is it something we can join in with? Looking forward to it. X

    1. When I've worked out my 'rules', I'll do a post giving lots of advance info and yes, you could join in 😃.

  6. I LOVE your challenges! I can never think of any which will work for me as G would resist anything which involved him changing the way he does things. Oooh, I'm excited now ;)

  7. Looking forward to seeing this challenge.

    God bless.


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