Tuesday, 22 October 2019

For the Price of a Coffee - Day Five - The Meals - A Challenge Within a Challenge

Breakfast - Banana and 1/3 of the Vanilla Yoghurt

Gosh, that made a nice change from porridge and went down a treat.

As my banana was pretty small I thought I would weigh it to see if it would still be the full 80g that is recommended to make up each one of your five a day portions, it was happily well over the recommended minimum.

Dinner - Four Vegetable Samosas with a simple salad of Iceberg Lettuce and Spring Onion
Followed by a Grape and Melon Fruit Pot

Wow, this was tasty and very filling.  Unusually for me, I ate the fruit as a pudding after the samosas, usually I eat fruit first as it whizzes through your digestive system so much faster than any other foods, but I didn't have too many burpy moments on my drive back to Wales.

Weighing out my beans to divide the tin in half, I discovered once again for value beans that I had been shortchanged.  This happened me before when I was doing another Challenge.  It might not seem that much just under 20g less of beans, but when these are usually bought by the people that need the most food for their money I think it's disgraceful.  If the supermarkets are under filling each tin by 20g they get an extra tin for every 20 that they fill ... and more profit.

Last time I wrote and complained because I used four tins and every single one was the same, this time I just have one tin so do I complain ... I don't know.

Tea - Jacket Potato with half a tin of Baked Beans

It was very tasty and simple but filling.  I was going to have some salad with it, but I wasn't that hungry, so this was more than enough.  And the beans gave me one of my five a day anyway.

Food carried forward: 

In the fridge:
small portion lentil dhal
1/2 sheet Puff Pastry
1 carrot
5 onions
3/4 head of broccoli
1 butternut squash
4 slices of lemon and little pot of juice 
3/4 iceberg lettuce
6 spring onions
6 apples 
2/3 pot of yoghurt
1/2 tin beans

Other foods:
700g porridge oats
136g spaghetti
3 cloves garlic
2 potatoes
300g red lentils
900g brown rice
1 pack of stuffing mix
1 part-baked baguette

Cash carried forward =  2p  

A really good day of vibrant and tasty foods, and because as per the rules of this little Challenge Within a Challenge I didn't dip into my already well-stocked little larder I have lots of food going forward, including the leftovers from today ... and the apples which I didn't even touch.

Sue xx


  1. The fridges is looking very healthy, plenty to keep you going.

    1. It's really filled up quickly hasn't it, there's almost too many ideas for meals going round in my head at the moment.

  2. If you want to, then do complain. They might not do anything, but if people don't complain, they certainly won't. I often get value beans and have never thought to check - I must remember to do so.

    1. I think I will, like you say if no-one says anything they are just going to keep on doing it aren't they :-(

      I'll post about it on here if I hear anything back!

  3. I have been reading along but have only just got round to commenting. I am really enjoying this challenge.

    1. Thank you, it's certainly got me thinking about our future food budget, well mine. Alan eats a bit more expensively with all his meat products, but even that can be bought a bit cheaper with shopping around I guess, but I tend not to linger in the meat aisles for longer than I have to these day!

  4. I am enjoying the challenge too .The samosa lunch looked good .I know you bought these but do you have samosa recipe you use at times ? My books talk about filo/puff/fried wraps as ideas but I'm not convinced that they would eat as well as samosa's proper . What do you think ?

    1. I use filo pastry to make homemade samosas, it is pretty much the same as the ones you buy. Using a wrap makes it them much more filling, and I think stodgy.

  5. Very impressed Sue and love your mouth watering meals:)

  6. You are getting quite a collection of carried over food. Shows a person can eat well and still save money.

    God bless.

    1. It did start building up much more than I thought it would!


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