Thursday 24 October 2019

For the Price of a Coffee - Day Seven - The Shopping

So here it is the final days shopping.

You might be thinking why on earth is she buying more food when it is the final day and she could just use up the food she has in stock ... and maybe even take her £2.75 and go out and have a nice cup of coffee.  

Well, my week without coffee in coffee shops is going to go out properly and I really did want to show just what you can buy food-wise For the Price of a Coffee a day if you stop having a Large Filter Coffee in my local garden centre.

Why have I chosen these particular foods for my final day and not some tasty treat or splurge, well mostly because I have decided to merge this Challenge on into my next one and all the foods leftover ... my five-item storecupboard and the foods I have in store now, both in the fridge and loitering on the worktop, including todays shopping ... are going to be the backbone of this new Challenge.

I'll let you in on the rules as soon as I have thought of them  😃

Brought forward         32p
  Todays money     £2.75
   Total to Spend    £3.07  

Actually Spent    £3.06

The remaining 1p saved from this Challenge was popped into the charity box on the counter in Tesco.  I'll be a day late posting my meals and the End of Challenge round up as I am travelling today, and computerless and won't be able to do it - sorry!!



  1. Amazing, just amazing! It really makes a powerful point, thank you, Sue.

  2. I had already wondered if you would go on to another challenge to use up what has accrued from this one. Not only have managed your three meals a day for the price of your coffee but you seem to have a lot of stock left over. Good luck with the next challenge too.

    1. I've got so much left over, I've really surprised myself!!

      It would be wrong just to merge it into the 'normal foods' so I thought another week of Challenging, on a slightly different tack only right. :-)

  3. Welcome, I'm so pleased you found me.

  4. As always, you have done an amazing job!
    If I bought a similar coffee to yours it would be about $4 per day - $28/week - not a lot, but doable.
    I want a low spend November so it would be interesting to see how I did with this amount....

    1. It would be a good Challenge to do for November 😄

  5. As on all your challenges you do brilliantly.
    Safe travels. x

  6. I am always amazed by the expense of this coffee buying habit. It is 100% in our "treat" category these days and only indulged in on special occasions. I know some people have broken the smoking habit by putting the money aside and doing something else with it perhaps that should be the same idea for the addicted coffee drinkers who populate our streets with their "to go" cups! Most litter these days is coffee/drinks related rather than cigarette packets etc!!

    1. It really is isn't it. And it's almost as though a coffee cup in the hand has replaced a cigarette in your hand, I'd never even thought of that before but you are totally right! I wonder if there are caffeine patches the same way as there are nicotine patches, if not already there soon will be :-)


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