Thursday, 31 October 2019

Challenge Seven - The Leftovers Challenge - Day Two

Breakfast - baked beans on toast with a stuffing patty.

A leisurely breakfast catching up with a bit of Radio Times reading.  Why have I never thought to add a stuffing patty to a simple plate of beans on toast … it was delicious.

The first item used of my up to five allowed a day was the loaf of bread that I had taken out of the freezer a couple of days ago.  Chia Seed bread is delicious and toasts lovely and crunchy, the ideal carrier for the baked beans from the leftovers.

Of course all good toast needs a good spreads, and this is my current spread of choice … and the second of my chosen five today.

After breakfast I decided to blitz the previously roasted butternut squash and turn it into a good sauce for my planned lunch.

I had a small tub ready for the freezer and a good portion ready for my lunch.

I took some breadcrumbs from the freezer (3) and used half of the remaining feta from yesterday.

Dinner - Buttered toast

Then lunchtime came and I really wasn't hungry, so I sat down with a slice of toast and a cup of coffee, why is hot buttered toast so addictive!!  I decided to save my butternut squash plans for tea time instead.

The ingredients for my tea.  I decided to use some of my penne pasta instead of the spaghetti I had leftover from last week.

I stirred the butternut squash puree, half of the chopped spring onion and most of the crumbled feta style cheese into the cooked pasta and divided the mixture between two tins for baking.  Then I topped the tins with the breadcrumbs which I mixed with the last of the spring onion and feta. 

The van soon filled with the gorgeous smell of cooking 'Mac and Cheese'.

Tea - Mac and Cheese

It was delicious and now I also have another portion in the fridge.

Left in the Leftovers:

1/4 sheet Puff Pastry
3 stuffing patties
orange juice
1 slice of lemon (freezer) 
1 carrot
9 onions
3/4 iceberg lettuce
2 spring onions
4 apples 

700g porridge oats

375g spaghetti
250g red lentils
800g brown rice
tub of gravy mix
1 tin tomatoes
1 tin chickpeas
1 tin mandarin orange segments
2/3 tin peaches
4 potatoes

Added to the Stash:

Almond Milk
1/2 block Feta
4 tubs tomato and vegetable sauce
1 tub of butternut squash puree
1 portion of Mac and Cheese

Todays 'Up to Five Items' Were:

Chia Seed bread
Flora spread
penne pasta
frozen breadcrumbs

All in all a good day.

Sue xx

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  1. Lots of great ideas! I plan on using up as much as I can during November so I have given myself a much smaller food allowance than usual for the month. I eat a lot of salad and fresh fruit & veg even in the winter so most of the money will go towards that sort of thing. My small freezer compartment always seems to be full so I really do need to make an impact on that! The weather is supposed to be quite miserable this weekend and aside from church it is actually a weekend with no plans so I am going to spend it cooking and reading!


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