Wednesday 12 December 2018

Freebies, Vouchers and Coupons - Day Seven

Signing up for various freebie sites is a good way to get emails landing in your in-box on a regular basis giving you the chance to claim free samples, enter competitions or take part in surveys for rewards.  One site I'm signed up for is Magic Freebies.

Of course you have to exercise a good level of commonsense and be very careful to read the small print on anything you add your email address to.   The above is a Google Images picture of the website's Homepage, by using today's email to get to their page I entered for the chance to win a Higgedy Pie.  By signing up for that I could be one of the 100 lucky people to get a voucher for a 'free lunch' ... meaning one free pie.

And I also signed up for a John Lewis card which means I will qualify for free hot drinks and cakes at least three times a year ... or so the bumf says :-)

Another site I check out most days is the MoneySaving Expert UK coupons page HERE just to keep an eye out for any new money off or freebie coupons appearing.  It also highlights any new special offers that could save you some money.

Finding a few money saving or freebie sites and checking them regularly is okay if you don't mind getting regular and frequent emails and if you have the time, if this is not your thing then of course after a few days you could always unsubscribe from them ... or simply not sign up in the first place unless there is an offer you really want to claim and then unsubscribe immediately afterwards.

You do need to use some of the sites sensibly and to suit yourself and your way of life.

And finally to finish off this week of Freebies, Vouchers and Coupons my most favourite 'freebie' of them all ...

My little tin of sachets.

I pick these up whenever we are drinking or eating out and we have picked up more sachets or little packets of something than we use on our meals.  If you don't take what would be cleared off the table at the end of your meal they will only end up in the bin ... and that simply isn't right!!

I have however, after a  chance remark from the Barista a couple of weeks ago, recently started taking two sachets of brown sugar whenever I buy a cup of coffee.  

I ordered my usual filter coffee, when asked if I would like hot or cold milk I declined with a smile and a 'no thank you'  (as I drink all coffee black) and she said 'well you're a cheap date then aren't you' ...  in a nice way I hasten to add.  But it got me thinking ... I drink the coffee black so no little jug of milk is needed, I don't sweeten it, so no sugar or artificial sweeteners either and I rarely even take a spoon, as there's no need to stir it, so less washing up ... I really am a cheap date for any coffee shop!!

So now I take two sachets of brown sugar each time I have a coffee in a cafe or restaurant ... and pop them into my little tin of magic tricks when I get home.  I use brown sugar in baking so now I will slowly build up a little stash ready to top crumbles or cakes .

I got two more money saving coupons the other day whilst out shopping, these will live in my purse until their dates expire just in case I can make use of them.  One is a £5 off a £20 shop in Holland and Barrett and the other £5 off a £40 shop in Marks and Spencer.

You never know!!!

I also got two very timely bargains.

A half price Pug Christmas jumper from Bon Marche, they only had two sizes left 18s and 22s, so they had been popped onto the sale rail ... now I'm neither of those sizes but a nice big cosy jumper in time for Christmas is not to be sneezed at for half price, especially one with a Pug on.  So I paid just £12.50 for a £25 jumper that is lovely and snugly and as I got the size 18 not that big really!

I was really pleased with the book, very timely with Veganuary being just over the horizon and a husband that loves the occasional sweet bake.   I  picked it up from a popup YMCA shop that we have on the High Street in Llandudno for just £2.  Then literally a few minutes later there it was again in Waterstones on their books released this year table for the full price of £12.99.

A really good way to end my week of Freebies,Vouchers and Coupons 

... with a happy bargain  ;-)



  1. You've had a whole week of happy bargains, haven't you. Will you continue doiung this?

    1. I pretty much do most of this all the time anyway. I might unsubscribe from the email sites after a while as the frequency of things pinging into my inbox while I'm working can get a bit wearing. But it's been interesting seeing just what is out there during this week.

      Thanks for following along on this Challenge, the new one will be coming up soon :-)

  2. Great bargains! I have drunk black coffee since I was twelve years old and hate tea.


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