Saturday, 8 December 2018

Freebies,Vouchers and Coupons - Day Three

Sometimes while you can't get something for absolutely nothing it is worth keep your eyes open for random occurring offers, especially on things that you had previously looked at but dismissed for being too expensive.

As was the case with this Cheese Advent Calendar.

 I had spotted it last week in Booths for ten pounds, then while I was browsing in Asda last night I spotted it again, it was the last one left ... and priced to clear at £2.

It was a no brainer, it came home with me and after a little catch up with the dates Alan is now having a little disc of cheese with his suppertime cup of tea.

One day last week these Sainsbury's money off a £60 shop vouchers landed on my doormat.  Now I don't shop there very often as it is quite a drive away, so they keep desperately trying to tempt me back every time I go missing for a couple of months.

As I was in Mum's local Sainsbury's with her yesterday, picking up some things for her and a bag of our dogs favourite chews I used my Nectar card and had a read of my receipt.  It turns out I now have over £10 of points value.  So if I wait until the 16th and use one of the £12 off vouchers and add to that my £10 worth of Nectar points I can go to just over £60 and get a total of £22 off.  

Or ... if I do it as an online shop, as a first time customer I can claim an additional £18 off my first online order.  So that would be £40 off a shop of £60 or more.

Now that is very tempting indeed!!



  1. Wow, certainly is tempting - £40 off a £60 shop is a great bargain! Perhaps you could use the £40 worth of 'free' food for another challenge of some kind? The cheese advent calendar was a total bargain too. I got a box of chocolates in the supermarket the other day, reduced by 75% - just the thing for a Christmas evening with friends we have coming up. No idea why it was reduced - nothing wrong with the box and well within date, but I wasn't complaining.

  2. It certainly mounts up, doesn't it. That's a serious reduction!


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