Friday 7 December 2018

Freebies, Vouchers and Coupons - Day Two

Over at my Smaller Life I have Freeview television and recently I got hooked on watching some old episodes of Extreme Couponing ... the American show that follows people who get hundreds of dollars worth of shopping for a minimal payment or in some cases with clever planning, for absolutely nothing at all.  

It's really inspiring, and while I can't ever hope to replicate what they do, it did make me keep my eyes open for any coupons that I could find.

This little shop at Asda was totally free of charge.

And I still have 3p left on a £2 gift card they sent me ...

... when I pointed out how shortchanged I had been on their Smartprice Baked Beans.

I used that card on the Mince Pies and 'Christmas flavoured' crisps.

I got the Heinz voucher for a similar reason and used it to buy the Tomato Ketchup.  My Princes Tuna Fillers were also totally free, paid for with this coupon that I printed out from the internet off the MoneySaving website on the Supermarket Coupons UK page (that offer is now over unfortunately).

After my free food success in Asda I was on a roll, so I called into Tesco on my way home to use up my £8 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

And my £1 off a box of Magnums.

(This coupon is still available on the link I gave you above.)

I spent my Clubcard vouchers on a large bag of Basmati Rice,  and luckily the Magnums were back in stock so with my £1 off coupons I only had to pay £2.89 ... which turned out to be the total amount I paid for my shopping today.

And of course after being reminded by yesterdays post I will be completing the Asda survey, so that I'm entered into this months draw for £1,000. 

After all you have to be in in to win it!!



  1. Apart from Well Done, all I can say is yuck to Brussels sprout crisps! ( I love Brussel sprouts and crisps but both together?

    1. I hate Brussels sprouts ... ironically they are the only vegan crisps in the multi-pack, the other flavours have milk in !!

  2. Amazing! I guess there are lots of coupons and money off things out there, it's just having the time (or inclination) to trawl through looking for them, I suppose. You did really well, I'm impressed.

  3. You did well, I am an avid freebie hunter, so am enjoying your challenge, I have just done a post on freebies I think I might do a weekly post about it.


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