Tuesday 11 December 2018

Freebies, Vouchers and Coupons - Day Six

Loyalty cards - something for nothing ... or just cards cluttering up your purse or wallet?

It's for you to decide really,  I seem to swing backwards and forwards with this one ... although at the moment I am firmly in the something for nothing camp.

I have all the cards pictured here and more!!

Whenever I buy books at Waterstones, and I do when they are on offer as they first come out as I like to support my local High Street, or visit Waterstones for a coffee I use my cards.   After a few coffee stamps on your card you qualify for a free drink.  

All purchases add up to money off books which you can now take whenever you want either in-store or online.  As you can see from these photos I have already pre-ordered the new BOSH! cookbook online, and using my plus balance got the cost of £20 book down to just £ 8.62.

A saving worth having.

 I mainly use the Booths card at my Smaller Life, as along with Aldi that's our local supermarket there.  If we're out long enough to need refreshments even with just me being a cardholder it means we both qualify for a half price cup of coffee in store ... always nice if we've just been walking the dogs up the canal and are feeling cold and damp.

My Boots card gets used very intermittently but I do like to try and take advantage of offers to get a reasonable amount of points on any visit.  And it means that I can usually at least earn enough for a large tub of my favourite body cream free each year.

We got our Costa coffee cards when we travelled up and down the road a lot for business on a regular basis, and as it's very rare that you can redeem points at motorway services it always meant that we quickly accrued enough for a free hot drinks each after doggy walks back at home.

Another coffee card that takes a while to fill up is my Debenhams one, BUT and yes it is a big BUT over time it does fill up and means a free cup of coffee at the very least once a year.

Another card I carry is the Pets at Home loyalty/charity card.  Well with two dogs and a cat I might as well I'm in there often enough.  This one means that a local charity benefits slightly from all my visits to the store and every quarter I benefit with some money off coupons and a free magazine.

I usually use at least one of the £5 off a £50 shop coupons every other month to bulk buy the dogs and Gingers foods and any treats that are on special offer.  And sometimes, like this month, there is a freebie to be had.

Also by registering their information, the dogs and Ginger get a coupon for a free item in time for their birthdays each year ... which I think is a lovely incentive to have a card.   Over the last few years it has been for a free pack of these for the dogs.  The first time I got this coupon I picked up our normal sized version ... for small breeds ... then I cottoned on to the fact that I could get a 'large breed' sized pack with my birthday freebie coupon, still with seven sticks inside, but then I could cut them all in half and have 14 small breed sized chews instead.  Double bargain  :-)

It's all something for nothing ... and worth having.

Well until my purse and key-ring start feeling too fat and I swing back the other way anyway  :-)


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  1. Hi Sue, I agree loyalty cards are well worth having, but they do clutter up your handbag! My nephew suggested that I load them all onto an iPhone app to save me carrying them about with me. The app is called ‘Stocard’ and it works very well, so do have a look at the App Store if you have an iPhone. I haven’t got rid of all my cards, but I can just keep them in a drawer at home in case I ever lose my phone. Best wishes, Rosie


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