Sunday 2 December 2018

Day Seven - 14 in 7

Breakfast - Tinned Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs.

It needed  a slice of toast to soak up the tomatoey juices ... Alan had one with his!!
Naughty boy.

Ironically just as we started this totally restricted diet my new cookbook arrived.  I brought it away with me to have a read ...

 ... so much temptation.

She's missed the prices off the weekly shopping lists this time, which I actually thought was one of the best bits of her other book ☹

I know prices vary very quickly these days, but having them in the book gives a timeline to the 'story' if  you know what I mean.  I love some of my old books from the 80's and 90's 'Feed Your Family for £4 A Day' springs to mind (which is now republished at £5 a day).   It's the prices that are the interesting bit ... well to me anyway.

It's still a very good book though ... even if the photographs, especially the pastry ones, did make me drool a bit.

Lunch - Two hard boiled eggs and spinach.  

I don't really like poached eggs anymore, so this was my compromise.  What normal person eats four eggs in one day ... not me ever again.  I really struggled with this it was much too filling.

Tea - Salmon fillets and salad.

I'd been out shopping and got myself some tomatoes ... but I still finished off the little bit of red onion that was in the fridge.

Naughty but nice 😊

I celebrated the last meal of this Challenge with a nice walk in the dark with Suky.  It was bitterly cold hence her jacket.  She hates being 'dressed' in anything but her collar.  For some reason coats make her walk like a little wooden table, ramrod straight legs and a refusal to go up or down steps ... even those that are only an inch high 😆😃😆

That's it I've done it ... and I'm still alive!!

Back tomorrow with the weigh in and my thoughts on this diet.



  1. That's a very colourful day! Lovely.

  2. Well done for sticking with it. You should be very proud of yourself. I am looking forward to the results tomorrow.

  3. Wow, Congrats, you made it!! I was wondering if you felt lightheaded or dizzy at all during the diet, or did you feel a sharper mental focus? or maybe it changed as the week progressed. Looking forward to your summary tomorrow.

  4. Well done Sue, you did brilliantly to stick to it.


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