Thursday, 6 December 2018

Freebies, Vouchers and Coupons - Day One

Not always something for free here ... but the chance of a nice little win in one of your favourite places to shop.  

In lots of shops these days they point out at the checkout that you can enter a free draw using your receipt to be in with a chance of winning some store vouchers.  Two hundred and fifty pounds to spend in Booths would be very nice thank you  ;-)

Usually all you have do to be in with this chance is to answer a small survey based around your most recent shop, using some of the information that you will find on your receipt. 

In some stores they are usually pointing out your chance to win as they write their name on your receipt, as I think the staff are also rewarded if they are mentioned in the hopefully glowing comments received.  I should point out that the staff that write their names on the receipt are usually extra nice to you as they serve you, obviously regular pep talks keep them on their toes doing this.

Until recently in most stores this was a national thing, but it has been mentioned to me on numerous occasions that each store now has this prize to give out once a month.  So now the odds are more in the favour of those that can be bothered to go to the website in your particular area ... it's got to be better odds than the National Lottery anyway!

In Tesco you are a winner in a small way every time you fill in the short survey, as you collect 25 Clubcard points for every entry.  

You are allowed to enter once a month, so over the course of a year this means that you can collect 300 extra points, which gets you a voucher for £3 once a year ... BUT it's £3 you wouldn't otherwise have got and every time you enter you do have a slight chance of being that lucky £1000 winner.

What I like about these store surveys is that you are not selling your soul and giving away any extra information about yourself.  You are merely reporting back on that particular shop. 

If you go onto this page which is simply a page all about the Tesco Clubcard and scroll down to the 'more places to collect' section, you can go to Shopper Thoughts where you can do some more in-depth surveys and get yourself an additional 150 points, plus more rewards depending on how much you do.

So basically the whole 'surveys from your receipts' is something for nothing, well for very little effort anyway ... and it's always nice to be in with a chance to win something.



  1. Some good ideas there.
    I do YouGov which nets me £50 once a year, more or less, as it takes that long to collect the points. It takes a bit of time but £50 is not to be sniffed at.

  2. I try to always complete those surveys - not won anything yet but you never know. I also do Nectar surveys which give extra Nectar points, Food for Thoughts surveys which pay quite well (better than the average survey) and those points can be converted to Amazon or John Lewis vouchers. I also do YouGov - it is slow to get to £50 but the surveys are quite interesting (in the main).

  3. I complete surveys on receipts if there is a sure thing like extra points or $1 off your next order. That's free money in my book. I don't usually enter the lottery ones though because I feel like it's such a long shot. I should give it whirl though as I am sure they are quick to do.


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